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A region (also known as map) contains a number of areas, routes, route locks, and treasure chests.

Traveling to an available region is done via the "World Map" icon in the "Home" menu. The world map is unlocked following the completion of Runic Temple Basement in Chapter I: Blank Slate.

List of regions

See individual pages for summaries about each region. The list is sorted according to the "List View" of the in-game world map.

Multiplayer regions

Weekday regions

Sicarius regions

Ability Enhancement regions

Now occupied entirely by Yggdrasil

The Hunt regions

Job Quest regions

The Rift regions

  • The Rift: Extreme Ifrit
  • The Rift: Extreme Shiva
  • The Rift: Extreme Odin
  • The Rift: Extreme Hashmal
  • The Rift: Extreme Ultima
  • The Rift: Extreme Anima
  • The Rift: Extreme Belias
  • The Rift: Extreme Famfrit
  • The Rift: Extreme Adrammelech
  • The Rift: Extreme Hecatoncheir
  • The Rift: Extreme Alexander
  • The Rift: Extreme Bahamut

The End-Game regions

Bonus regions

Event regions

These regions only appear for a limited time, from one week for Tower regions to two months for Crossover regions.
See Events for a full list.

Battle Tower regions

Special regions

  • Crossover regions (under various event names)

Story Digest

Act 1: Warrior of Light

Act 2: Warrior of Despair

Tutorial regions

Challenge regions

Expired Regions

These regions have been removed from the game.

"Hard Mode" regions

Originally these were versions of the first four chapters, with stronger foes. With the release of Act 2, these were removed because they weren't that hard anymore.

  • Chapter I: Blank Slate (Hard Mode) – Plains of Cornelia (Hard Mode)
  • Chapter II: Hope and Prophecy (Hard Mode) – The Ishtar Desert (Hard Mode)
  • Chapter III: Chaos and the Crown, Part 1 (Hard Mode) – The Last Stand (Hard Mode)
  • Chapter III: Chaos and the Crown, Part 2 (Hard Mode) – Chaos's Onslaught (Hard Mode)

Exploration regions

removed in favour of the new Yggdrasil: Materials zone