Resist Dark (effect).png
Resist Dark (boon)
Dark resistance enhanced.

Resist Dark (boon) is one of the boons in Mobius Final Fantasy. It reduces dark damage taken by a certain percentage for a certain number of turns determined by the number of points the Boon has in its pool.

Point Scale

The pool can not go higher than 10. If the pool is at 10 points, if another point is added the pool amount will not increase.

# of Points % Resistance # of Turns Resistance Left
1 Point 20% One Turn
2 Points
3 Points Two Turns
4 Points 35%
5 Points Three Turns
6 Points 50%
7 Points Four Turns
8 Points
9 Points Five Turns
10 Points

Wol's Abilities that cause Resist Dark (boon)

Ability Name Number of Points Added
Lightforce 6 Points

Fiend Abilities that cause Resist Dark (boon)

Fiend Name Ability Name Range Number of Turns
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