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Runic Temple
Region Chapter 1: Blank Slate
Access To Blessed Rise
Fort Pamuca
Runic Temple 1st Floor
Stamina 6
Battles 5
Warnings [FIRE]Fire Lizard sighted.
Beward [FIRE]fire attacks.
First Time Reward Icon Summon Ticket.png Summon Ticket
Wandering Boss None
Access Notes Teleportation Point
A holy place housing a sacred crystal in its depths.

It is foretold that one who has received the blessings of all the temples is destined to become the Warrior of Light.

Many Blanks travel the land seeking these blessings, but many fall to the fiends that lurk in the confines of these temples.

~ In-game description

Runic Temple is the tenth area in the game Mobius Final Fantasy.