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The crown princess of Palamecia, and last of her bloodline.

Even while Chaos threatens to destroy all, her steadfast and gentle demeanor gives her people hope.

Her own hope rests on the Warrior of Light.

~ In-game description
A princess bound by fate to preside over the prophecy of the Warrior of Light.

Freed from her bonds of the past once Chaos was defeated, she is living a quiet life as a simple village girl. The world, however, has not forgotten about her presence.

~ 2nd Act: Warrior of Despair

Princess Sarah Cornelia is one of the characters in Mobius Final Fantasy.

She mainly appears to Wol in the form of images transmitted through the Rune Crystals scattered across Palamecia.


Sarah appears to be a kind and gentle person in her talks with Wol, however she is shown to have a more vulnerable side likely stemming from the threat of the encroaching hordes of Chaos. Like many characters in Palamecia, she is aware of the prophecy and what it foretells, but seems unwilling to reveal its details to Wol. This is especially true where the relationship between the two is concerned, as revealed in Chapter 2.



  • The name Sarah Cornelia is likely a reference to the character of the same name from Final Fantasy I

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