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Shade Drake
Shade Drake fight.jpg

Chapter III: Chaos and the Crown, Part 1

Elements [FIRE]
Enemy Size Sub-Boss
Drops Shade Drake (Card)
A dragonkin born out of the shadow, its viciousness is only surpassed by its cunning.
~ In-Game Description

The Shade Drake is one of the fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. It first appears in Chapter III: Chaos and the Crown, Part 1.

As one of the standard elemental Sub-bosses, the Shade Drake shows up in most of the Ranked Events as an intermediate adversary.


Name Effect
Attack Minor Fire Damage
Firaga Fire Damage
Water Lockout


Shade Drake can appear as an enemy in the following locations:

Region Areas
Chapter III, Part 1
  • Fire Keep
  • Fire Supply Line
  • Burning Dungeon 1
  • Burning Dungeon 3
Hunter Islands