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★★In order to countermeasure the app's capacity increase upon release of Act 2, we will be removing the following 3 regions on Dec. 17, 2018 7:00 p.m. PST (UTC-8).

Don't forget to retrieve any unclaimed rewards!
- All Exploration Regions
- All Story Regions (Hard Mode)
- Shrine of Trials

Shrine of Trials

Those who venture into this region will find bountiful rewards.

~ In-Game Description

The Shrine of Trials was the first bonus region found in Mobius Final Fantasy, useful as a place for new players to gather Boss cactuar.pngBoss metal cactuar.pngBoss gold cactuar.png Cactuar Cards.

It cost 3 Mystic Tablets to access, and it could only be accessed for 30 minutes. Players were expected to storm the place, hitting as many areas as they could, as swiftly as they could.

The region was closed on December 17, 2018, after the release of the Novices' Hall, New Player Summons, and the Warrior of Light Story Digest offered beginners a swifter progression to more difficult play.


This likely occurs after Chapter 2: Hope and Prophecy.

Wol responds to an invitation from Garland, and shows up here. Garland notes that Wol is progressing nicely, and offers this place as somewhere that Wol can temper himself... and continue growing. Wol is a bit snarky about it, but Garland doesn't mind. Take it or leave it, he says, but make the most of it, since time here is limited.

Region Map[]

Shrine of Trials map.jpg

There are two major sections of the Region: Novice on the bottom half, and Adventurer on the top half. Each half starts with a Shrine and then splits into three groups of areas, one for each type of Cactuar.

Novice areas cost 3 stamina and battles feature two skirmishes: one against the "mutant" Dust fiends, and one against the selected Cactuar. Rewards are ★2 and ★3 Cactuar cards, plus the Dust fiend cards (useful for fusion with Life-based abilities).

Adventurer areas cost 4 stamina. Battles are the same two skirmishes, but the first one adds "mutant" Grudge fiends into the mix. These areas drop ★3 and ★4 Cactuar cards.

The Cactuar will only appear on the first clear of an area -- after that area is defeated, only the mutant fiends will show up, in a single skirmish.

There are 51 total areas in the Shrine of Trials. There are no treasure chests.


Name Novice Adventurer
Gilded Treasury Temple of Rigors Pagoda of Savvy Auric Treasury Temple of Ordeals Pagoda of Feats
  • Gilded Treasury
  • N Gilded Gate
  • S Gilded Gate
  • NW Gilded Halls
  • NE Gilded Halls
  • SW Gilded Halls
  • SE Gilded Halls
  • Gilded Storehouse
  • Novice Shrine
  • Temple of Rigors
  • W Gate of Rigors
  • E Gate of Rigors
  • S Gate of Rigors
  • NW Halls of Rigors
  • NE Halls of Rigors
  • SW Halls of Rigors
  • SE Halls of Rigors
  • Pagoda of Savvy
  • N Gate of Savvy
  • S Gate of Savvy
  • NW Halls of Savvy
  • NE Halls of Savvy
  • SW Halls of Savvy
  • SE Halls of Savvy
  • Vault of Savvy
  • Auric Treasury
  • N Auric Gate
  • S Auric Gate
  • NW Auric Halls
  • NE Auric Halls
  • SW Auric Halls
  • SE Auric Halls
  • Auric Storehouse
  • Adventurers' Shrine
  • Temple of Ordeals
  • Scandium of Ordeals
  • W Gate of Ordeals
  • E Gate of Ordeals
  • NW Halls of Ordeals
  • NE Halls of Ordeals
  • SW Halls of Ordeals
  • SE Halls of Ordeals
  • Pagoda of Feats
  • N Gate of Feats
  • S Gate of Feats
  • NW Halls of Feats
  • NE Halls of Feats
  • SW Halls of Feats
  • SE Halls of Feats
  • Vault of Feats

Fiends & Drops[]

Shrine of Trials is one of the few ways to reliably get Support Ability Drops. All drops of the Shrine of Trials are of the Life or None elements. Since Life and None Elements can't be used offensively each of the following fiends takes on a random Offensive Element: Fire, Water, Wind or Earth.

Name Novice Adventurer
Gilded Treasury Temple of Rigors Halls of Savvy Auric Treasury Temple of Ordeals Pagoda of Feats
Cactuar Fiend
Normal Fiends
Cactuar Drops