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Skillseeds are a common commodity item in the game MOBIUS Final Fantasy, used for upgrading Job Skills and Weapon stats.

Getting Skillseeds[]

Ability Card Seeds.png
Each Ability card has a Skillseeds Created by Card row on it, with 4-8 seed icons.

  • The number of icons increases as you augment a card, with a maximum of 8 at ★5.
  • Each icon starts at a "+1" level. Upgrading the Skillseed Level of a card will progressively "unlock" the skillseeds from 1 each up to as much as 7 each. You can upgrade the Skillseed Level of a card through Fusion with Cactuar cards.
  • See Skillseed Fusion Chances for more details.

Total Skillseeds in Deck.png
Your currently selected Job adds up the totals for all four equipped Ability cards. This is the base amount that you earn from completing battles, before applying modifiers. The Cards: Decks menu choice will show the totals.

Battle rewards[]

Exactly how many seeds you receive from battle is influenced by a number of things:


This is indicated by the colour of the ring around the area's icon, based on the Card Level you have when you try the area. The higher your total Card Level, the less difficult the area is marked... and the less seeds you'll gather.

0.2x for blue
1.0x for green
1.5x for yellow
2.0x for orange
2.5x for red

If you change your game setting to Hard Mode, then every area becomes red. Use this to maximise your output!

Area Seed Bonuses.png

You'll also find the difficulty on the first info page for each battle, as the black line in the "Bonuses" section. This will also show the bonuses for

+50% (0.5x) for Mobius Gift Box
+30% (0.3x) for Mobius VIP Mode

Note that if you have powerful cards (Supremes, Limited Edition, etc) then the actual difficulty may be substantially easier than the colour suggests. Keep those abilities upgraded to top level, and unlock your extra skills!

Area Seed Bonuses[]

This is the yellow line in the "Bonuses" section. It shows those items that work only in your current area:

1.5x if it's the first time you're defeating the area (no green checkmark yet)
2x if you're in the Yggdrasil: Materials region.
4x on Mobius Day!
20x if you're in Yggdrasil Material's center Training Areas
40x on Mobius Day!
20x for battles in Gigantuar Terrace: Regrowth
30x for battles against the Boss cactuar.pngGigantuar!
2x - 6x if you're in a Multiplayer ★1 - ★5 battle.

Battle Score[]

Battle Bonuses.png

Getting a higher battle score will give you a higher base Seed Multiplier. This is the most important way to raise your skillseed totals!

5x for 100,000
6x for 200,000
7x for 500,000
8x for 1,000,000
9x for 5,000,000
10x for 10,000,000

Added to this are any Skill Enhancements you have in your current Job and Ability set:

+x% Skillseed Up from Weapons, like Blazefire Saber and Stella Di Prima
+x% Skillseed Up from most Ultimate Hero jobs and some Legend jobs like Cait Sith Suit
+x% Skillseed Up from Ability Card Skill enhancements. Some cards can be particularly useful here, like O'aka: FFX (Card) offering a built-in +50%, plus you can increase this on ANY Ability card by fusing a Fractal Card to it.

Dedicated Skillseed Up decks can raise this by over 300%!

Main job only. Your secondary job and its ability cards do not contribute. But you CAN set up a main deck with bonuses and a sub-deck with offensive stuff, then auto-play from the sub-deck.


Difficulty and

Area Bonuses

Battle Score and

Skillseed Up Bonuses

2.5x -- Red area
2x -- Area Seed Bonus
= 5.0 base
+ 0.5 -- +50% Mobius Gift Box

score of 20 million
= 10x base 10x
+ 103% Skillseed Up additions
(from Job, Weapon, Ability cards)

= 5.5x subtotal = 20.3x subtotal
Final multiplier: 111.65

with 28 Seed earth.pngEarth Skillseeds Created by Deck...
= 3127 total Seed earth.pngEarth seeds rewarded.

Trade them for....[]

The skillseeds you collect have two main uses:

Unlock Job Skills[]

The first use for these Skillseeds is to unlock better boosts and abilities on your Job cards. Each job has a Skill Panel with eight pages, each of which contains a number of preset boosts to the selected Job, including higher HP, more Element Starters, Higher Magic, Enhanced Ultimate Spell, etc. These pages includes at least one weapon, that you progressively upgrade from ★1 to ★4.

Each skill upgrade has a listed number of Skillseeds to unlock it. (or in some cases, Icon Crystal.png Crystals) Costs will range from 200 Seeds for the cheapest ones, up to 99,999 Seeds for the most important ones on the eighth page.

Weapon Boosting[]

The other main use is to increase the power of your Weapons.

Once you have a weapon up to ★4, you can use the Shop Menu --> Boost Weapon to increase the HP, Damage, Break Power, and Magic Power of your weapon in 2-point steps, up to a maximum of +200 each (+2000 for HP).

  • Each step takes a progressively longer amount of time to complete (1 hour for each 2 points, cumulative) up to a max of 4-ish days (100 hours) for the 198->200 step.
  • More importantly, each step also increases in Skillseed cost as well, on a similarly cumulative basis, up to nearly 400,000 skillseeds needed for the 198 -> 200 step.

See the Weapons page for more details.


Icon Bronze Opener.png
Icon Silver Opener.png
Icon Gold Opener.png

Openers can be used as a substitute in cases where Skillseeds would be spent:

  • A Bronze Opener can be used to pay Skillseed costs of 5,000 or less.
  • A Silver Opener can be used to pay Skillseed costs of 5,001 - 50,000.
  • A Gold Opener can be used to pay Skillseed costs above 50,000. This is most useful in weapon enhancements, to replace the 300,000-400,000 costs at the top-end steps!

You can find a small button in the top right corner of the Skill Panel or Weapon Boost panel, to switch between Skillseed use and Opener use. Pay attention to which one is currently on, or you may squander an Opener on a cheap upgrade!