Slow (effect).png
Slow (ailment)
Number of actions decreased.

Slow (ailment) is one of the ailments in Mobius Final Fantasy. It lowers the number of actions a character can take by 50% (rounded down) for several turns. So if a character can take 7 actions per turn, with this ailment it can only take 3 actions.

It is the opposite of Haste (effect).png Haste.

If resisted, ailment duration is halved.

Wol's Abilities that cause Slow (ailment)

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Element Card Name Ability Name Range Number of Turns Extra Effects
Water Icon.png Biggs: FFVII REMAKE (Card) Tear Gas Grenade Single 3 Debrave (lowers Attack)
Bismarck: FFXIV (Card) Turbulence Area 4 turns slow/debarrier

and 3 turns stun

Stun (prevents action),

Slow (reduces actions per turn), and Debarrier (lowers Defense).

Earth Icon.png Yasha (Card) Slow Single 3 -
Black Moogle - Earth (Card) ?
Magus Sisters (Card) Delta Attack Single 2 -
Light Icon.png Jessie: FFVII REMAKE (Card) Flash Grenade Area ? -
Guard Scorpion Mk.I (Card) ?

Fiend Abilities that cause Slow (ailment)

Fiend Name Ability Name Range Number of Turns
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