Snipe (effect).png
Crit Chance Up
Critical Chance increased.

Crit Chance Up, also known as Snipe, is a boon that raises the Critical Chance of a character by an additive amount of around 33% for a certain number of turns. It is the opposite of Debilitate (effect).png Debilitate.

Abilities that cause Crit Chance Up

See Category:Crit Chance Up Cards

Element Card Name Ability Name Number of Turns

(with Lasting Boons)

Life Icon.png Lancelot Snipe 4 turns
Gold Bomb Lesser Snipe 2 turns
Lunafreya: FFXV Oracle's Blessing 4 turns
The Undying: FFXII Enrage 3 turns
Pollensalta: FFVII Angelic Murmurs 3 turns
None Icon.png Hunter Rain of Arrows 4 turns
SOLDIER 1st Class Omnislash

Fiend Abilities that cause Crit Chance Up

Fiend Name Ability Name Range Number of Turns
Killer Mantis Snipe Self 1 turn
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