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The Spirit Grove is a place to find all manner of costumes to personalize your Echo, or even to switch her out with another, completely different spirit!

All it takes is one Spirit Ticket to claim a new friend to call your own!

~ In-game description

The Spirit Grove is a section of the Shop menu in Mobius Final Fantasy.

In this area, players can use Icon Spirit Ticket.png Spirit Tickets to change Echo's appearance.

Once a spirit has been purchased, if a player selects it on their profile page it will be displayed in battle and on the world map in place of the standard Echo skin. Dialog for battles will shift to statements and sounds for that particular spirit.

There are a number of non-Echo spirits available, often involving Moogles, Cactuars, Tonberries, Chocobos, and Bombs. Very few of these speak any lines, though most make some sounds. When there is a story scene with scripted dialog, Echo will appear as an extra spirit in her most recently selected outfit.

All changes in spirit are purely cosmetic and have no effect on Echo's actions or dialogue in-game. However, some events provide themed spirits that offer Improved Extra Skill Unlock +3 if that spirit is selected while the event is going on. Examples include Choco-Echo during Valentine's Day week, or Halloween Echo during October. [1]

Permanently Available[]

These are always available in the Spirit Grove.

Region Completion Rewards[]

Standard Regions[]

These spirits are obtained by completing the storyline in various standard regions.


Those spirits are obtainable in The Rift regions.

Event Rewards[]

These are only available while special events are going on, usually as a reward for completing a special region.

Monthly Offerings: 2016[]

These were available for purchase for a limited time. In most cases, one month, but sometimes two months.

November 2016[]

December 2016[]

Dissidia: Dec/Jan 2017[]

Monthly Offerings: Early 2017[]

January 2017[]

February 2017[]

March 2017[]

April 2017[]

May 2017[]

June 2017[]

Monthly Offerings: Late 2017[]

July 2017[]

August 2017[]

September 2017[]

October 2017[]

November 2017[]

December 2017[]

Monthly Offerings: Early 2018[]

January 2018[]

February 2018[]

March 2018[]

April 2018[]

May 2018[]

June 2018[]

It's the end of Act 1! Here's a chance to get all of Echo's costumes!
All of these are reissues from previous releases.

Monthly Offerings: Late 2018[]

July 2018[]

August 2018[]

September 2018[]

October 2018[]

November 2018[]

December 2018[]

Monthly Offerings: Early 2019[]

January 2019[]


February 2019[]


March 2019[]


April 2019[]


May 2019[]


  • Tennis Echo -- Dressed to a T, but maybe not the best doubles partner.
  • Kabuto Echo -- May children everywhere grow up healthy and strong!
  • Tennis Bomb -- Tennis is much more challenging when the balls explode.
  • Cactuar -- It looks comfy in its pot.
  • Ogre Banner -- Some sort of celebratory banner from an exotic faraway land.
  • Kid Echo -- They say children should be seen and not heard. She wasn't listening.

June 2019[]


Monthly Offerings: Late 2019[]

July 2019[]


August 2019[]


September 2019[]


October 2019[]


  • Count Echo -- Eight! Eight Supreme Cards! Ah ha ha!
  • Halloween Echo -- No amount of treats is enough to stave off her tricks.
  • Holler Echo -- A cheerleading section all of her own!
  • Cheer Echo -- Three cheers for victory!
  • Jack O' Tender -- 1,000 needles or treat!
  • Reaper Tonberry -- How can you bear a grudge against something this cute?
  • Tonberry Captain -- With him as your captain, you have to win. Or else.
  • Ball Flan -- The master of the ball is master of the court! Or are they?
  • Cactuar Chaser -- He traded in his 1,000 needles for a single baton, and hasn't looked back.

November 2019[]


  • Artist Echo -- She sure looks the part, but her artistic skills are as yet untested.
  • Painter Moogle -- Avant-garde full-body artistic expression with a pom-pom, kupo!.
  • Rocktuar -- With hands like that, all you can play are power chords.
  • Eclaw -- At the top of any hierarchy.
  • Hot Springs Echo -- Will hot springs warm her tiny, cold heart?

December 2019[]


Monthly Offerings: Early 2020[]

January 2020[]


February 2020[]


  • Sweet Echo -- With a little pinch of love comes a whole heap of trouble.
  • Chocotuar -- Bringing you needle-filled chocolate since time immemorial.
  • Choco-chu -- Will you be mine, Valentine?
  • Winter Echo -- Watch out, powder. This faerie shreds!
  • Snowmog -- Can't wait for spring. Can't survive spring.
  • Ski Chick -- An excellent hand warmer for those chilly days.
  • China Echo -- In traditional far Eastern garb.

March 2020[]


  • Echo of Despair -- In a world without a prophecy, some things have taken a turn for the worse.
  • Plum Echo -- A touch of sweetness and a touch of tang make a perfect combination.
  • Schoolgirl Echo -- Always giving out Valentine's cards equally to everyone in her class.
  • White-Eye Chick -- Heralding in the return from the migration south.
  • Macaron PuPu -- An alien descended from the planet of sweets to bring joy to us all.
  • Farmer Tonberry -- Known for raspberries, strawberries and cranberries.
  • Chocolate Flan -- Made with a whole lot of love and a little bit of rancor.
  • Court Lady Echo -- This flower never wilts.
  • Sweet Echo -- With a little pinch of love comes a whole heap of trouble.
  • Blossom Echo -- An outfit to celebrate the coming of spring.
  • Chocotuar -- Bringing you needle-filled chocolate since time immemorial.
  • Little PuPus -- The little wonders of space.
  • Choco-chu -- Will you be mine, Valentine?
  • Hina Moogles -- Moogles dressed as spring revelers from Eastern lands.
  • Winter Echo -- Watch out, powder. This faerie shreds!
  • Snowmog -- Can't wait for spring. Can't survive spring.
  • Ski Chick -- An excellent hand warmer for those chilly days.
  • China Echo -- In traditional far Eastern garb.

April - June 2020[]

Every spirit that appeared in shop previously is available to purchase.

Expired Spirits[]

The sources for these spirits are no longer obtainable, but they may reappear elsewhere.

Unreleased Spirits[]

Those Spirits were never released on Global and exclusive for JP version of the game. This list is incomplete.


  • August 2017's "Chococho" was named "Choco-Echo" when it was released in Japan, but was renamed later due to a naming conflict with an earlier spirit.[2]


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