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Squall Leonhart Challenge large banner.jpg
Squall Leonhart Descends!

The lion's roar echoes across all Palamecia. Fight against Squall from FFVIII in multiplayer!
★5 difficulty quest available!

~ In-game description

The Squall Leonhart Challenge was a special multiplayer event, featuring battles against Squall (Sicarius). The event is part of the Final Fantasy VIII Collaboration Event, offered in August 2019.

Event Details[]

  • Event duration: August 1 - September 1, 2019
  • Event type: Multiplayer battle (guest Sicarius)

How to Participate[]

  • Select Ring of Braves from the world map. Find a Party against Squall (Sicarius) at ★3 to ★5 difficulties, or Form a Party of your own, with your choice of other players.
Level Prize (normal) Prize (host or using MP Stamina)
★3 "SeeD Candidate" 3 6
★4 "SeeD-in-Training" 5 10
★5 "SeeD Rank A" 7 14
★5 "Legendary SeeD" 7 14

Unlike normal multiplayer battles (and most event-based campaigns), there is no bonus here for "Undefeated" status. Viewed the other way, there's no reward penalty for dying! You do still have to spend a Icon Phoenix Down.png Phoenix Down or use a special Stamp (see below) to revive, though.

Defeat Squall Campaign[]

Defeat Squall small banner.jpg
  • Aug 1 - 15, 2019

This is a special campaign posted to promote fighting Squall in the Ring of Braves. The more players that defeat Squall on ★3 difficulty or higher, the more rewards for all players on Aug 21. There is a tally board tracking the number of victories placed next to Meia in the Ring of Braves.

Squall tally board.jpg

If players get over 100,000 defeats, then all players will receive:

If players get to 200,000 victories, then all rewards are doubled.

If players get to 300,000 victories, then all rewards are TRIPLED!

Total victories reached 290,000, so double awards were handed out on August 21.

Multiplayer Stamp Bonuses[]

All players who log in during August 2019 will receive:

  • Multiplayer stamp "Go Away!"
  • Multiplayer stamp "Grats!" (3rd Anniversary version)

Players who have bought at least 12 Mobius Gift Boxes will receive:

  • Multiplayer stamp "I Love Mobius!"

3rd Anniversary stamps.png
These can be equipped in the Social Tab: Edit Stamps.

Using one of these stamps during a battle in the Ring of Braves will revive your character from death with no penalty. It's a free Icon Phoenix Down.png Phoenix Down, and you don't lose your "Undefeated" bonuses!

  • The effect will last from Aug 1, 2019 to Sep 2, 2019. "I Love Mobius" is effective until Oct 2, 2019.
  • There is a Phoenix Down logo in the corner of the stamp to indicate the effect is active.
  • Each player can use this once per battle, using their own stamp.
  • A second death -- or a player using a normal Icon Phoenix Down.png Phoenix Down -- will still spoil the "Undefeated" bonus.

Available Prizes[]

Defeating Squall gains special event-only Components, tradable at the Item Exchange in the Ring of Braves for special prizes:

Item Cost
Skill Card ★4 Warrior Icon.png Warriors
Quick Break +5%
Squall Quartz x100
Skill Card ★4 Mage Icon.png Mages
Quick Break +5%
Squall Quartz x100
Skill Card ★4 Icon Attacker.png Attackers
Ability Salvo +3%
Squall Quartz x100
Skill Card ★4 Icon Breaker.png Breakers
Armor Break +20%
Squall Quartz x100
Icon Growstar.png Growstar x1 Squall Quartz x80
Icon Mystic Tablet.png Mystic Tablet x3 Squall Quartz x50
Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x1 Squall Quartz x10
Icon Fire Fractal 5.png Fire Fractal★5 Squall Quartz x80
Seed fire.png Fire seeds x100,000 Squall Quartz x20
Skill Coin ★1 Squall Quartz x5
Skill Coin ★2 Squall Quartz x20
Skill Coin ★3 Squall Quartz x80
Red Jewel3 Icon.png Red Jewel★3 Squall Quartz x5
Red Jewel4 Icon.png Red Jewel★4 Squall Quartz x10
Red Jewel5 Icon.png Red Jewel★5 Squall Quartz x60
Prismatic Jewel5 Icon.png Prismatic Jewel★5 Squall Quartz x120
Tsukuyomi (scroll) Aug 1 - 8:
Squall Quartz x15
Valia Pira (scroll)
Peeper (scroll)
X-ATM092: FFVIII (scroll) Aug 1 - 23:
Squall Quartz x15
Abadon: FFVIII (scroll)
Elastoid: FFVIII (scroll)
Tri-Point: FFVIII (scroll) Aug 15 - Sep 8:
Squall Quartz x15
Sphinxara: FFVIII (scroll)
Mobile Type 8: FFVIII (scroll)

Any Squall Quartz you still have one week after the end of the campaign will be changed into other fire-based components.