Mobius Final Fantasy Wiki

A sample stamina bar.

Stamina is the prime gameplay limiter in Mobius Final Fantasy.

Stamina bar[]

Your character / account shows the amount of available stamina in a bar along the top of the screen. You can see:

  • The main bar, showing what percentage of stamina you currently have, up to 100%.
  • Your character name and Player Level, just above the bar.
  • The single/multiplayer toggle on the left end.
  • The amount of stamina you have, your Max Stamina, and the time remaining for the next point if not capped.

Your maximum stamina is your Player Level plus 29 points -- you start the game at level 1, with 30 stamina. As your character gains levels, your maximum stamina also grows. However, above level 150, the stamina increases by 1 every 5 levels; and above level 250, the stamina increases by 1 every 10 levels.

Multiplayer stamina.

Single Player and Multiplayer have two separate bars, colored blue and yellow respectively. Tapping the icon to the left of the bar will toggle the view between the two game modes for the player information (the player level/rank, stamina bar, recovery timer) and the quick overview in the Cards menu.


A typical battle description panel. See the stamina figure at the top.

Each battle fought in the game costs a certain amount of stamina points, shown at the top of the battle description screen. That number of points are deducted from your character's current stamina points. However, some regions or items allow gameplay with 0 stamina cost.

Battles in challenge regions, such as Chaos Vortex, do not cost any stamina.

In the multiplayer region Ring of Braves, stamina is only required to form a party. When joining parties, players may choose to spend stamina to receive double the normal number of components. All players that will be spending stamina must have enough stamina before they can host or join; the stamina is only deducted once the battle begins.

The item Icon Warp Shard.png Warp Shard allows any non-boss area to be completed with 0 stamina spent and 0 battles fought. This may be useful for areas with high stamina cost (e.g. the 30 and 50 stamina areas in Chapter 3.1).


A stamina bar with extra points.

Your stamina will recharge at a rate of one every five minutes. This timer stops whenever your stamina is full. However, some things can give you bonus stamina that takes this bar above maximum. In these cases the bonus amount shows as an extra "+" in the point listing.

  • Gaining a level gives you a bonus equal to your new level's maximum stamina.
  • Consuming an Icon Elixir.png Elixir will give you a bonus equal to your maximum stamina. (2x this amount on Mobius Days)
  • A login on Mobius Day refills your stamina entirely, and also gives you +88 more.

New stamina points will not recharge until your bonus stamina is used up. However, anything that awards bonus stamina will continue to add to your total, regardless of how much or how little stamina you have at the time.

Weapon boost[]

Spending stamina on other in-game actions reduces the time required to boost. One stamina point spent reduces the timer by six minutes. For example, completing a 10-stamina battle chain will reduce the timer by 60 minutes.