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A summary of the events in the main storyline of Mobius Final Fantasy, as told through the in-game menus. These can be accessed from the ETC menu: Story & Theater. The narrative is broken down by chapter, with descriptions and pictures posted here. There are also videos at the end of each section that can be played back, showing events from that section using Wol and Echo's currently selected outfits.

  • The menus will only cover the chapters you have completed.
  • As of March 2019, they are only showing Act 1: Warrior of Light. Act 2 has not yet appeared here.
  • The Eclipse Contact event appeared here as a side story for a short while in 2017, but was removed when the event ended. No other events have appeared.

Cast of Characters[]

Princess Sarah[]

The crown princess of Palamecia, and last of her bloodline.

Even while Chaos threatens to destroy all, her steadfast and gentle demeanor gives her people hope.

Her own hope rests on the Warrior of Light.


A lordless knight behind a steel mask who offers to guide Wol.

While his true motives are suspect, his skills and advice are incontrovertible.

Vox wants his head, branding him a "heretic." Garland, however, can no longer hear Vox's voice.


A moogle Wol saved from certain doom.

As all moogles share a collective memory, the whole species feels indebted to Wol.

To repay this debt, Mog guides his "master" in becoming the Warrior of Light.

Despite his youth, he seems to know much about the prophecy.


A spirit fabled to haunt the mountains of Palamecia. Legends say travelers who listen to her words become cursed with bad luck.

Though supposedly a disembodied voice, Blanks are able to see her.

Claiming to have insight into the true nature of this world, Echo forces herself into Wol's company.


A disembodied voice that guides the Blanks in Palamecia.

No one has ever seen the owner of this mysterious voice, and only Blanks seem to be able to hear him.

Vox has complete confidence in his own words, fashioning himself as a godlike entity, though sometimes he shows intolerance towards those who defy him, branding them "heretics."



A world of "hope unbound" where Wol finds himself, governed by unusual laws.

Besieged by Chaos and his forces, Palamecia's denizens seek refuge in areas where the Crown has its strongest influence, as well as in an ancient prophecy that foretells the coming of a mysterious savior, the Warrior of Light.

The Warrior of Light[]

A hero prophesied to save Palamecia.

It is foretold that this warrior will appear to save the denizens of the realm from the terror of Chaos and his forces, and restore hope to the land.

His name will be "Wol," and he will once have been a Blank.

Runic Temple[]

A holy place housing a sacred crystal in its depths.

It is foretold that one who has received the blessings of all the temples is destined to become the Warrior of Light.

Many Blanks travel the land seeking these blessings, but many fall to the fiends that lurk in the confines of these temples.

The Prophecy[]

An ancient prophecy passed on from generation to generation in Palamecia.

It foretells the arrival of a young man who, after facing many trials and tragedies, becomes the Warrior of Light, the hero who will save Palamecia and restore hope.

There are many passages in the prophecy, some more cryptic than others, and not one person knows them all.


Blanks are outsiders who, for mysterious reasons, find themselves in Palamecia devoid of any memory of their past lives.

Wol is one of them.

Palamecians believe that Blanks are harbingers of a hopeful future, for they have shed the shackles of the past.


The lord general of the monstrous forces invading Palamecia.

No one knows either the intent or the cause for Chaos's invasion. He only seems interested in destroying all that stands in his path.

While it is prophesied that the Warrior of Light will defeat him, no one knows when this will occur, or if it will happen at all.

Act 1: Warrior of Light[]

Prologue: Awakening[]

A Mysterious Voice[]

Mysterious voice.png

You float through darkness, memories a blur.

A voice speaks to you, calling itself "Vox."

You arrive in Palamecia, a "world of hope unbound."

Chapter I: Blank Slate[]

The Law of Palamecia[]

Law palamecia 1.png

You, Wol, awaken in a strange world named Palamecia. You have no memories of how your got there, or even who you truly are.

In no time, you are beset by monstrous fiends, and you must fight. That, you are told, is the law here.

Law palamecia 2.png

All the men who arrive in Palamecia from other worlds remember nothing of their past.

Vox calls these men—and you—"Blanks." He tells you of a prophecy that foretells of a Blank named "Wol" becoming the Warrior of Light, a hero destined to save this world.

Guided by Vox, the Blanks venture further inland. Among them, you meet a man, clad in strange, ornate armor.


Mog ch.png

Past dark forests, you arrive at great, open plains.

You see a creature, a moogle, being attacked by fiends. At the suggestion of the armored man, Garland, you save the helpless thing. Owing you a life debt, the moogle decides to come with you, and calls you its "master."

The Prophecy and the Princess[]

Prophecy princess 1.png

Mog, the moogle that you saved, offers to help you become the Warrior of Light.

According to him, the prophecy is open for any Blank to fulfill. However, many Blanks choose to lose themselves in trivial activities, either afraid or forgetting to walk the arduous path of the Warrior of Light.

Under Mog's guidance, you head for the Runic Temple, the very first step on that dangerous path.

Prophecy princess 2.png

After vanquishing a deadly fiend, you arrive at the deepest chamber of the Runic Temple, where the Rune Crystal rests.

When you approach, a projected image of Princess Sarah appears inside the crystal. She tells you that for many years, she has been waiting for the appearance of the Warrior of Light, and that you show great promise.

Mog guides you toward Castle Cornelia. Once there, you are tasked with activating a teleport stone, a device that allows users to travel great distances, and to make your way toward where Sarah awaits.

Who Guides the Warrior of Light?[]

Who guides wol.png

You meet a strange spirit calling herself Echo.

Claiming that she will be able to set you on your fated path, she decides to join your on your journey without any consultation or approval.

Mog claims that Echo is a legendary spirit on whose visage no mortal has ever laid eyes—not that Mog has laid eyes on her himself.

Chaos and the Heretic[]

Chaos heretic 1.png

You learn that it is Chaos, a lord of darkness, who is sending armies of fiends to sow mayhem and destruction throughout Palamecia. It is Chaos that the Warrior of Light is destined to battle and defeat to bring peace to this world.

Meanwhile, you see Garland attacked by several Blanks. It seems that Vox wants Garland dead, calling him a "heretic," and sent these Blanks to assassinate him.

Chaos heretic 2.png

The path to Castle Cornelia is blocked due to an attack by a monstrous cockatrice.

You must find and defeat this fiend in order to reach Castle Cornelia, and the teleport stone within.

New Lands[]

New lands.png

With the cockatrice defeated, you finally reach Castle Cornelia.

What you find are the ruins of a once-great castle, destroyed long ago by Chaos.

The Blanks guarding the castle praise you for your prowess, but you are distracted by something else—a moldy stench, the smell of things old and decayed, permeates the place, and, strangely, the Blanks as well.

You hurry to the teleport stone and leave, feeling you might fall victim to the same compulsion as those poor Blanks if you stay any longer.

Chapter II: Hope and Prophecy[]

Scorching Sands[]

Scorching sands.png

The teleport stone in Castle Cornelia sends you to the Ishtar Desert.

You set forth across the burning sands in search of this land's Runic Temple, guided only by Mog's cryptic clues.

Key Quest[]

Key quest.png

You manage to collect three keys from temples spread across the desert. You learn that you must find a fourth to gain access to the Runic Temple, but you find no clues as to its location.

You decide to venture beyond the Ishtar Desert to try to find this last key.

The Tournament[]


You come across a tournament where Blanks compete to decide who can rightfully call himself "Wol."

You enter the tournament after learning that a runic key is also part of the champion's prize.

Your opponent in the finals forfeits due to injury, and you win by default. Apparently, the Warrior of Light is prophesied to win unscathed by another Blank.

While you're not convinced by this interpretation of the prophecy, the other Blanks give you their blessing and send you on your way.

Destiny's Price[]

Destinys price.png

With all four keys now in hand, you and Mog enter the Runic Temple.

While Mog guides you unerringly through the path foretold by the prophecy, you feel that he is not telling you all that he knows.

You find and battle a lich, a lieutenant of Chaos, in the deepest chambers of the Runic Temple. After a long battle, you are victorious, but not without paying a terrible price.

In its death throes, the lich lashes out at Mog, wounding him mortally.

Mog says he accepts his fate, and draws his last breath in your arms.

"And so the friend made shall be lost."

One Step Forward[]

Step forward 1.png

Still shaken by mog's death, you venture further inside the temple and find the crystal Sarah uses to speak to you.

She initially shows you empathy to your loss, but you glimpse a single tear running down her cheek. This is enough to make you forget your anger.

Step forward 2.png

While increasingly wary of blindly following prophecies, you press forward, to the land where Princess Sarah awaits.

Chapter III: Chaos and the Crown[]

The Last Stand[]

The Last Stand.png

In these sprawling plains, soldiers have gathered in preparation for the battle against Chaos and his legions.

The battle will surely be a hard one, yet the soldiers' morale is high, for Princess Sarah watches over them from the great Queen's Keep citadel.

To a man, they will gladly give their lives for the Crown, and fight with honor.

Bracing for Battle[]

Bracing for Battle.png

You've walked amongst the men manning the defenses of the citadel.

Some believe there is hope beyond the battle, some only seek glory in death. More than a few wish for release, some form of deliverance from their hollow lives.

But in the end, all of them wish for Princess Sarah, the one they've sworn to protect, to witness their fate in upcoming battle.

As for you, Wol, what fate awaits you on the battlefield?

The Battle at Hand[]

The Battle at Hand.png

The harbinger of destruction, Chaos, comes. A great shadow falls over the Last Stand as a seemingly endless horde of fiends march toward the flimsy defenses surrounding the citadel.

At Sarah's signal, the soldiers advance, and the battle is met.

For honor, for glory, or for eternal release, the Blanks fight and fall.

Boneyard of Heroes[]

Boneyard of Heroes 1.png

You run across the battlefield and fight as best as you can to stem the tide of Chaos's legions.

But the more you fight, the more the battle seems hopeless.

The once-solid wall of citadel are in ruins, breached by but a single strike from Chaos himself.

All around you, Blanks fall. Heroes one and all, but they're not enough. Never enough.

Boneyard of Heroes 2.png

You finally come to face your adversary, Chaos.

After a long, intense battle, you barely manage to force Chaos to retreat.

In the aftermath of the battle, you look around you, and cannot manage to feel victorious.

Chaos wasn't beaten. He simply chose to leave, as if telling you that you were not worth the effort to crush.

Sarah's Hope[]

Sarah's Hope 1.png

The battle is done. Not won, but done.

Palamecia has received a brief respite from Chaos. It isn't much, but it is still hope.

You fought bravely. Some say you deserve to be considered the Warrior of Light. When you meet Sarah, she seems to believe that you are the hero of legend.

You have no time to stay and speak with her for long. You must hurry on your way, and seek a new Runic Temple.

The Missing Princess[]

The Missing Princess 1.png

When you arrive at the Runic Temple, word reaches you that Princess Sarah has disappeared from the citadel.

You know the truth, however. Sarah is next to you.

She has come to witness for herself your ascension to the Warrior of Light.

The Missing Princess 2.png

You had doubts about letting Sarah come with you, at first, but you believe you made the right decision to journey with her.

Vox said he couldn't see the light in you, and in a corner of your mind, you think that he may be right.

Traveling with Sarah, however, might lead you to a new hope, and a way to regain this light you have lost.

Chapter IV Prologue: a New Light[]

Vox's Offer[]

Vox's Offer.png

As you take your first steps into yet another unknown land, Vox whispers to you:

"You still lack light...but I have good news for you, Wol. There is a way for you to acquire another source of light. A new light, in fact."

According to him, meeting the challenges awaiting you here will lead to this "new light," a new power.

Perhaps distracted by this news, you lose sight of Echo...

A Blank's Tale[]

A Blank's Tale.png

At almost every step during your challenges, Vox whispers questions to you. He asks you about Sarah, about Garland, and even people who have gone.

It is as if he is making you retrace your steps, questioning every decision you've made ever since you set foot in Palamecia. Is he trying to ascertain whether you are worthy of becoming the Warrior of Light? You don't know, but you know he'll never give you a satisfactory answer even if you asked.

For now, all you focus on is the task at hand. There will be time for questions once all of this is over...or so you've told yourself ever since the beginning.

Chapter IV: Doubt and Illusion[]

Runic Quest[]

File:Runic Quest.png

You reach the Runic Highlands, Sarah in tow. You've seen first-hand what Chaos is capable of. In order to stand against such power, you need the power hidden within the temples in this region.

It is a dangerous task, for both you and Sarah, but she shows no sign of fear. She knew the perils your journey entailed, and she'd accepted them, but more importantly, she trusts you to keep her safe, fully and unequivocally.

Shadow of Despair[]

File:Shadow of Despair 1.png

On the road south, you come across Momulus and Memus, two moogle brothers, who offer to guide you to the four runic temples.

Sarah, meanwhile, seems to actually be enjoying this journey, freed from her responsibilities to her people as the crown princess, even for a short while.

File:Shadow of Despair 2.png

It was not to last. Sarah sees, through the crystal, the people at Queen's Keep stricken by hopelessness and begging for her return.

Meanwhile, a new evil stirs: Man-shaped beings of pure darkness, of unknown origin, are sighted across the land. Whether these are Chaos's creations, or the horrific fate of Blanks overwhelmed by despair, none can say.

Courage and Respect[]

File:Courage and Respect 1.png

You head to the Sky Runic Temple after gaining the power of both light and darkness. Sarah seems to have memories of being in this place, even though she'd never strayed far from the citadel. Thins get stranger as you come across an old letter written by a "Sarah" and addressed to you, Wol.

Sarah must be shaken by these impossible discoveries, but she does not show it. You see why the other Blanks are so willing to sacrifice themselves in her honor. You stand in the presence of the last in a long line of noble kings, a living symbol of courage and grace in adversity. You vow once again to end the terror of Chaos not only for your own sake, but in her name as well.

File:Courage and Respect 2.png

The moogles, somehow, manage to take Sarah to Mogheim. You arrive there not long after. The moogles convince Sarah to stay in Mogheim for her own good. She hands you a letter, in which her feeling are made bare.

You leave the Princess in the care of the moogles, and you resume your journey to stop Chaos, alone.

Prophecy and Disillusion[]

File:Prophecy and Disillusion.png

Sarah has chosen to embrace her responsibilities as royalty, and her destiny. You leave her in the safety of Mogheim and set forth to meet your own.

But is your destiny truly set? As far as you know, your journey has followed the prophecy to the letter. How can that be, and when will you know the whole of it?

Ominous Premonition[]

File:Ominous Premonition.png

You reach the crystal within the Runic Template, thanks to the help of Mowg, an old moogle from Mogheim. Through him, you see that Sarah's court and servants seem relieved to hear that she is safe.

However, worrying news reaches you: Chaos is on the move. It may have sensed your acquisition of your new powers, and may be moving to end you.

Darkness Returns[]

File:Darkness Returns 1.png

Chaos appears, and sows death and destruction while all you can do is watch.

The prophecy stats that "the Warrior of Light rises again from the edge of despair," but even witnessing the horrific amount of damage left in Chaos's wake, you feel nothing, much less despair.

Neither Chaos nor the prophecy is done with you yet, however, as you will soon see.

File:Darkness Returns 2.png

Chaos attacks Mogheim, and the moogles throw themselves in his path to protect Sarah-a brave but ultimately futile gesture, as Chaos claims many moogle souls, including Mowg's.

The feeling that wells up within you at this moment is not despair, but pure rage. Rage against the cruelty of this so-called prophecy that keeps claiming the lives of those you care about, rage against the Chaos that seems to be the tool that forges your destiny.

Path of Hope[]

File:Path of Hope 1.png

Sarah is safe, thanks to Garland. He points you toward your next goal, the "Gate of Hope." He tells you that whoever passes through this gate gains the right to become the Warrior of Light and bring hope to Palamecia by defeating Chaos.

Then, a light blinds you. An iridescent aura radiates from Sarah when she asks you to bring hope back to Palamecia.

The light of hope.

File:Path of Hope 2.png

Sarah gives you a ribbon as a parting gift. She tells you that it's for good luck, but to you, it feels more like an offering one makes to the dead.

You feel disgust at the prophecy that calls for darkness and despair to descend upon this world. You even consider leaving the path set forth by it, just to spite it.

Just then, an old moogle tells you that an "Elder Warrior of Light" is waiting to speak to you, and that you must seek him out to find answers.

Chapter V: The First Warrior[]

In the Garden of Reminiscence[]

File:In the Garden of Reminiscence 1.png

Everyone you meet in this world of Palamecia, and all that befalls you seems only to lead to more battle.

You had nearly had enough, when and old moogle appeared before you and gently called out: "Wol"...

His master, the former Warrior of Light, summons you, the old moogle said.

But how could that be, you wondered. Wasn't the Warrior of Light yet to appear in this world?

So began a quest to discover the truth behind the story that gave birth to the prophecy of the Warrior of Light, bringer of hope.

The Elder Warrior of Light[]

File:The Elder Warrior of Light 1.png

At the Elder Moogle's beckoning, you overcame numerous trials until, finally, you met with the master of this realm, an old man who introduced himself as "Cid."

But this, he explained, was not the name he was born with. Cid's true name is Wol...the name of the one prophesied to become the Warrior of Light.

The First Story[]

File:The First Story 1.png

Deep within the runes of this land can be found the origins of the legend of the Warrior of Light.

But the story Cid told you sounded like more of a countryside squabble than any epic tale of heroism.

It all happened when the old man calling himself Cid was still a youth, and a stranger to adventure. The setting was a country town called Palamecia, and the players, commonfolk with familiar-sounding names:

Sarah, a plain townsgirl.
Chaos, a cruel local lord.
Voyce, a silvery-tongued street jester.

They were no princess, no destroyer, no guiding voice, but simple folk with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

Yet each of them had dreams and desires which grew until the wheels of fate began to slowly turn. It was the beginning of a story—the First Story—that would give rise to the prophecy of the Warrior of Light.

Here, in the little town of Palamecia, a tournament begins.

Of Days Past[]

File:Of Days Past 1.png

When you were on the verge of losing your way, you were taken to a strange realm. There you met Cid, the first hero to bring hope to this world—the first Warrior of Light.

Cid's story became the basis of the Palamecian prophecy. If you were able to revisit Cid's youth and experience the First Story, perhaps there, in a time long past, you may find the spark to rekindle your warrior's soul.

Chaos's Ploy[]

File:Chaos's Ploy 1.png

Cid told you of his youth, when he was still called "Wol."

In the First Story of this world, a small squabble in a country village suddenly turns into tragedy, as Cid's younger brother, Mid, is found dead.

Chaos had organized a tournament—where he would compete himself—to demonstrate to his people and his fiancée, Sarah, his true strength. But Cid proved to be a true contender, and so Chaos made plans to guarantee his own victory in the final round. Mid was killed for learning of this ploy.

File:Chaos's Ploy 2.png

Not only was Mid killed to protect Chaos's petty pride, Cid was also attacked by Chaos's henchmen prior to the tournament's final battle.

Though grievously wounded, Cid made it to the arena, only to be told that Chaos would not meet him in battle. Chaos chose to forfeit the match because of Sarah's fervent plea, and because there was nothing to be gained from beating a weakened Cid.

Cid seethed with anger, being denied the chance to avenge his brother.

The Light of Hope[]

File:The Light of Hope 1.png

Though Chaos succeeded in his plans, his recompense was not what he had desired.

The people heard of Chaos's cowardly plans, and whispers of his misdeeds filled the shadows of the realm. In anger, Chaos denied his people the most precious of resources: water.

Sarah tried to reason with him, convince him to open the gate that allowed people access to water, but to no avail. Crops withered, cattle died of thirst, and the people suffered.

Distraught, Sarah tried to throw her life, but Voyce's words gave her pause: "Stories end when the villain is defeated." The people regained hope at those words, and the radiance of their hope ignited something within Cid.

Cid was to become the champion of the people. He was to confront and defeat Chaos.

File:The Light of Hope 2.png

The First Story was nearing its end. Cid fought through Chaos's minions, and finally defeated the regent lord himself.

Thanks to Cid, the people of Palamecia had water again. The light of hope shone brilliantly within everyone.

And thus ends the First Story, the origin of the prophecy of the Warrior of Light.


File:Recurrence 1.png

Chaos's reign did not end with the death of Chaos himself. Fiends of all shapes and sizes emerged from the shadows to terrorize the people of Palamecia. The people called each and every one of these monsters "Chaos."

Though the First Story had ended, Cid's story was far from over. He traveled across the land and fought these new threats, leaving renewed hope in his wake. The recurring story of a lone warrior liberating the land from Chaos's terror and bringing hope to the people became legend, and eventually, prophecy.

Palamecia awaits the Warrior of Light. Palamecia awaits the return of Wol.

Chapter VI - Bewitching Memories[]

A Witch's Determination[]

File:A Witch's Determination 1.png

Wol heads toward the final battle with Chaos, spurred on by the story of Cid, the first Warrior of Light, who defeated Chaos long ago and brought hope to Palamecia.

Though Wol had his doubts, he thought there was no other option but to fight.

But Meia, the Azure Witch, knows Palamecia's true nature. It is a world without hope. She has seen with her own eyes the tragedy that befalls those who seek for that hope in vain.

File:A Witch's Determination 2.png

Meia sets out on her own journey, braving battle after battle in hopes that she can stop the tragedy from happening one more time.

Now she must face the Sicariuses who would stop her from meeting Wol and telling him the truth.

The Heretic and the Faerie[]

File:The Heretic and the Faerie 1.png

All heretics who turn against the order of the world must be destroyed. That is the Law of Palamecia.

The long arm of the law, the Sicariuses, are hunting down the Azure Witch Meia.

But what's thus? Why is a faerie, an upholder of the law, accompanying the heretic witch?

Not from sympathy or a desire to help! The Echo with Meia wants to see what change she and Wold can bring to Palamecia.

So the faerie and the witch help each other—and use each other.

Perhaps the bonds of mutual benefit will prove even stronger than those of friendship?


File:Encounter 1.png

Heretics are a danger to more than just themselves.

If Meia's words turn Wol against the laws of Palamecia, he'll be branded a heretic too. Forget becoming the Warrior of Light; he may not even live to see another day.

Yet Echo doesn't stop Meia. After all, if words are enough to sway Wol from the path, he wasn't Warrior of Light material anyway.

Does Echo believe in Wol that much? Or has she already given up hope...

File:Encounter 2.png

No sooner had Meia fought her way past the Sicariuses to meet Wol then she was confronted by a phantasm from the past.

It was a tragic past she could not forget, no matter how much she wanted to.

It was a truth she needed to tell Wol before he went to fight the final battle against Chaos.

And so she began to tell the tale of a woman who lost her love, and found despair. A story of a Blank who died, and a witch who rose from the dead.

Unwrit from History[]

File:Unwrit from History 1.png

Meia, the Azure Witch appears. She's been following you.

A Blank who would be the Warrior of Light and a heretic witch make for an odd—even forbidden—couple, but you join forces.

Then he appears: a ghost from Meia's past. It is almost as if he has been sent to test you.

He, too, was a Blank named "Wol." He was stricken down before reaching the end of his journey—stricken down by Palamecia itself.

File:Unwrit from History 2.png

Meia remembers a time long ago, a time before she became a witch.

She once new a Blank, with a special name. Your name, Wol. Everyone thought he, too, would become the Warrior of Light, defeat Chaos, and bring hope to Palamecia.

According to the prophecy of the Warrior of Light, he would have to marry the princess, but he loved another: Meia.

He tried to find a new way. What if hope wasn't just for the Warrior of Light? What if everyone sought hope? What if everyone rose together against Chaos? He began to believe in a path beyond the prophecy—and Meia believed in him.

But Palamecia has no place for those who defy the prophecy, then, or now.

Now a phantasm of the Blank who died so long ago has returned. But are the visions he shows you lessons, or lies?

A Heretic's Fate[]

File:A Heretic's Fate 1.png

Together with Meia, you trace the steps of one who came before you—the Blank who Palamecia destroyed.

He would have become the Warrior of Light, had he not strayed from the prophecy's path, trying to find a new way to bring hope to the world.

Palamecia does not approve of those who do not follow the prophecy. He and his beloved Meia were branded heretics and hunted down until they had no place left to run.

So did a Blank trying to save Palamecia fall out of favor, and into the dark deeps.

Injured, Meia fell too. When she awoke, she was not the person she once was.

She rose as the Azure Witch, possessed by a desire for revenge against the world that had taken her love away from her.

File:A Heretic's Fate 2.png

Once there was a man destroyed by the world he was trying to save.

Meia has tracked you down to tell you of his fate.

You learn of Palamecia's cruelty, but at the same time, you and Meia both must accept that this twisted world is the very one her lost love was trying to protect.

The last vision Meia sees stabs at her heart—a vision of happier days, when she was with her love.

Is this a parting gift? Or is Palamecia showing her this to twist the knife within her wounds?

Past to Future[]

File:Past to Future 1.png

Meia knew with her head that she had to sever herself from her painful past. Yet her heart still yearned for the one she had lost.

You turned to Meia and told her the words she needed to hear.

Why go out of your way to abandon memories? Let them stay where they are, and turn your eyes toward the future. The fight before you is clear.

File:Past to Future 2.png

Having overcome the specter of Meia's past, you once again saw a guiding light before you.

The crystal leads to the place of the final battle with Chaos: the Gate of Hope.

The stakes are clear: follow the prophecy and fight Chaos and Palamecia—twisted laws and all—wins. Turn your back on the prophecy, and be branded a heretic.

Meia has hope: the shining light at her breast, left by her lover.

Does such a light shine in your future, Wol?

Chapter VII The Light of Hope[]

The Empyrean Land[]

File:The Empyrean Land 1.png

Together with the heretic witch Meia, Wol's path leads him to the sky, toward the final battle to bring hope to Palamecia.

Vox celebrates Wol as a hero, and the cheers of the people echo across the land.

With every foe that falls, the hopes of those who await the Warrior of Light swell, becoming a Light of Hope that illuminates all Palamecia.

Now, all in Palamecia watch Wol fight.

It's the only show in the land.

Journey of Legend[]

File:Journey of Legend 1.png

Even as he nears the end of his journey, Wol reflects on the past.

He awoke in a strange world, met a princess and a heretic, achieved victory in the arena as the prophecy foretold, and left a little friend behind, also as the prophecy foretold.

Then came countless battles...and countless deaths.

No matter how much potential Vox might claim he has, no matter how loudly the the people might cheer his name, a shadow still lies across Wol's heart.

A Princess's Heart[]

File:A Princess's Heart 1.png

"The Warrior of Light will defeat Chaos and take the princess as his bride."

So says the prophecy, but it doesn't sit well with Wol.

Who does the Princes Sarah really pray for? Wol? Or does she just pray for a likely candidate to become the Warrior of Light and defeat Chaos?

The ribbon Sarah gave him for good luck—does it symbolize a bond...or a chain?

The Ribbon Grave[]

File:The Ribbon Grave 1.png

Having defeated Tiamat, the Chaos of Wind, Wol comes to a field of countless gravestones.

Graves of all those who fought Chaos and fell, standing in rows, yellow ribbons streaming from every stone.

Now, Wol realizes the truth of this world: there have been innumerable Blanks before him who earned the princess's trust, and went to fight Chaos.

Most of them died along the way. Some defeated Chaos...but Chaos rose again in time, and the story began again.

And throughout, Sarah has played her role in the story of hope for decades...for centuries. The story of hope is a lie.

File:The Ribbon Grave 2.png

Wol resists Palamecia's story, but Garland stands in his way. Even though he may be heretic, outside the laws of Palamecia, he wants Wol to become the Warrior of Light as the Prophecy foretells.

And the heretic Meia, too, seems to have fallen in line with the Prophecy.

What moved them to do this? The magic that is hope. They started to believe that Wol could right this twisted world, and their belief became a Light of Hope.

Hope moves them all, dragging them along when it has to. All to make Wol fight.

Final Chapter: Closing the Loop[]

Illusory Hope[]

File:Illusory Hope 1.png

Even the heretics Garland and Meia have fallen under the sway of the prophecy of the Warrior of Light.

You have followed the prophecy (and Vox's will) by taking the fight to Chaos.

As he progresses ever forward, you see that the hopes in people hearts have taken on a shining, visceral form.

But hope will not be Palamecia's savior. Once the Warrior of Light bests Chaos, hope will burst from from the gates and flow out to other worlds.

Palamecia will then yet again plummet into despair, waiting for another Warrior of Light to carry out the tale once more.

Will this tale ever reach a conclusion, or is it doomed to repeat for all eternity?

File:Illusory Hope 2.png

The Gate of Hope awaits you.

Every step you have taken has brought more hope into peoples' hearts, and that light now fills the heavens with radiance.

The light will even blot out then sun when Chaos is defeated, only to go rushing forth from the Gate of Hope to the worlds beyond.

You, the Warrior of Light, cannot be stopped.

The Gate of Hope awaits.

Palamecia's Inner Workings[]

File:Palamecia's Inner Workings 1.png

The truth behind Palamecia is finally made clear:

Blanks vie for the title of Warrior of Light, and many topple under the heavy burden of their trials.

Yet those who succeed play out the story set forth for the Warrior, bringing hope to the land.

Hope whose ultimate destination lies beyond the boundaries of this world.

Did your struggle even have any meaning?

Hope is Just a Word[]

File:Hope is Just a Word 1.png

Sarah makes a surprise appearance, claiming that she is no longer content being a bystander, and instead wishes to fight.

Yet she states that what pushes her forward is not hope, but rather emptiness.

The woman at the center of the prophecy has begun to stray from its path.

Does this herald a new age to come for Palamecia?

File:Hope is Just a Word 2.png

The gloomy Warrior of Light, an unlikely hero at best, bears the hopes of a world on his shoulders as he fights against Chaos.

Yet he is unable to share in that self-same hope.

A twisted world Palamecia is to make one without hope fight for the hope of others.


File:Chaos 1.png

Chaos has been struck down ten times only to get up eleven.

If true chance is to be brought to Palamecia, the unvanquishable must be vanquished.

The Great River of Hope[]

File:The Great River of Hope 1.png

The unbeatable has been beaten, and Palamecia is overflowing with hope.

As the Gate of Hope opens, Vox promises you your freedom in exchange for the great services you have down.

File:The Great River of Hope 2.png

Victory was short-lived, as a new Chaos has started to form from the remains of the old one.

Is despair to grip the land once more, spreading its tendrils to every corner of the world?

Some laws were meant to be broken.

One Last Hope[]

File:One Last Hope 1.png

Vox...Garland...Meia...Sarah...Echo...and you.

File:One Last Hope 2.png

Chaos has been destroyed and the prophecy obliterated.

The world will change.
People will change

The dream is over, and a new, harsh reality awaits.

A reality in which all that remains of your faerie companion is a faint promise.

The Illusion Ends[]

File:The Illusion Ends 1.png

The prophecy is at an end.

Yet has the loop truly been closed?

You cannot help but wonder if all that you have done in Palamecia, all that you have struggled to achieve...was but another turn.


The following story entries are no longer accessible, and are left here for historical purposes.

FFVII Eclipse Contact[]

FFVII Eclipse Contact[]

File:FFVII Eclipse Contact 1.png

When the boundaries between worlds blur and merge, a soldier born of Mako arrives in Palamecia. "None shall remember the names of those who do not fight"—these are words he knows all to well.

File:FFVII Eclipse Contact 2.png

Perhaps he is not truly who he thinks he is. Perhaps everything is illusory, a dream. Only one thing is certain, that he must press on, one step at a time, toward the light that shines from the Promised Land.