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Stun (effect).png
Stun (ailment)
Unable to act for a set number of actions.

Stun (ailment) is one of the ailment in Mobius Final Fantasy aka Stun.

It prevents a character from taking Actions for a certain number of turns. Whereas Actions Down reduces actions by 50% (rounded up).

If resisted, the ailment duration is halved.

Wol's Abilities that cause Stun (ailment)[]

See Category:Stun Cards

Element Card Name Ability Name Range Number of Turns Extra Effects
[FIRE] Devil Ride: FFVII Drift Turn Area 3 turns Stun (effect).png Stun (prevents action), Bio (effect).png Bio and Dispel
[WATER] Bismarck: FFXIV Turbulence Area 4 turns slow/debarrier

and 3 turns stun

Stun (effect).png Stun (prevents action),

Slow (effect).png Slow (reduces actions per turn), and Debarrier (effect).png Debarrier (lowers Defense).

[WIND] Fenrir Shadowbind Single 1 turn
Exousia Sparkstream Area Damage, Single-Target Effect 3 turns
Legendary Belial Stunga Area 3 turns Stun (effect).png Stun (prevents action)
Rikku: FFX-2 Hu Sujehk! Cone Stun (effect).png Stun (prevents action)
Nekomata Stun Single 2 (3 with Extra Skill) Stun (effect).png Stun (prevents action)
Security: Nekomata Squad Single 1 turn Stun (effect).png Stun (prevents action)
Aranea: FFXV Highwind Single 3 turns Stun (effect).png Stun (prevents action) and Debarrier (effect).png Debarrier (lowers Defense)
Yunalesca: FFX Fetters of Yevon Area 3 turns Stun (effect).png Stun, Debrave (effect).png Debrave, and Curse (effect).png Curse
[EARTH] Ashe: FFXII Dusk Shard Area 3? Stun (effect).png Stun (prevents action) and Unguard (effect).png Unguard (nullifies Defense)
[LIGHT] None Currently
[DARK] Neo Exdeath: FFV Grand Cross Area 3

Stun 3 actions

Misfortune, Debarrier (effect).png Debarrier (lowers Defense), Stun (effect).png Stun (prevents action),

Break Defense Down (effect).png Break Defense Down, Critical Resist Down (effect).png Critical Resist Down

A Witch's Kiss A Small Curse Single 3 actions Stun (effect).png Stun (prevents action) and Unguard (effect).png Unguard (nullifies Defense)
Ultimate Thief's - Trick Attack Single 1

Fiend Abilities that cause Stun (ailment)[]

Fiend Name Ability Name Range Number of Turns
Aquamoogle That smarts, kupo! single 8 actions