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This template displays the ailments link and optional the ailments icon.


 {{ailment|ailment name}}
 {{ailment|ailment name|regular}}
 {{ailment|ailment name|enhanced}}
 {{ailment|ailment name|none}}
unnamed parameter 1
  • Determines the ailments name.
unnamed parameter 2
  • If this is set, it determines which icon should be shown.
    • regular shows the squared (or round) icon for the regular ailment
    • enhanced shows the hexagonal icon for the enhanced ailment
    • none shows no icon
    • DEFAULT if parameter 2 is not set is option regular


code result code result code result code result
{{ailment|Ability Block}} Ability Block (effect).png Ability Block {{ailment|Ability Block|regular}} Ability Block (effect).png Ability Block {{ailment|Ability Block|enhanced}} Ability Block (enhanced effect).png Ability Block {{ailment|Ability Block|none}} Ability Block
{{ailment|Bio}} Bio (effect).png Bio {{ailment|Bio|regular}} Bio (effect).png Bio {{ailment|Bio|enhanced}} Bio (enhanced effect).png Bio {{ailment|Bio|none}} Bio
{{ailment|Bio II}} Bio II (effect).png Bio II {{ailment|Bio II|regular}} Bio II (effect).png Bio II {{ailment|Bio II|enhanced}} Bio II (enhanced effect).png Bio II {{ailment|Bio II|none}} Bio II
{{ailment|Break Defense Down}} Break Defense Down (effect).png Break Defense Down {{ailment|Break Defense Down|regular}} Break Defense Down (effect).png Break Defense Down {{ailment|Break Defense Down|enhanced}} Break Defense Down (enhanced effect).png Break Defense Down {{ailment|Break Defense Down|none}} Break Defense Down
{{ailment|Break Defense Down II}} Break Defense Down II (effect).png Break Defense Down II {{ailment|Break Defense Down II|regular}} Break Defense Down II (effect).png Break Defense Down II {{ailment|Break Defense Down II|enhanced}} Break Defense Down II (enhanced effect).png Break Defense Down II {{ailment|Break Defense Down II|none}} Break Defense Down II
{{ailment|Clouded Cast}} Clouded Cast (effect).png Clouded Cast {{ailment|Clouded Cast|regular}} Clouded Cast (effect).png Clouded Cast {{ailment|Clouded Cast|enhanced}} Clouded Cast (enhanced effect).png Clouded Cast {{ailment|Clouded Cast|none}} Clouded Cast
{{ailment|Clouded Fist}} Clouded Fist (effect).png Clouded Fist {{ailment|Clouded Fist|regular}} Clouded Fist (effect).png Clouded Fist {{ailment|Clouded Fist|enhanced}} Clouded Fist (enhanced effect).png Clouded Fist {{ailment|Clouded Fist|none}} Clouded Fist
{{ailment|Clouded Hunt}} Clouded Hunt (effect).png Clouded Hunt {{ailment|Clouded Hunt|regular}} Clouded Hunt (effect).png Clouded Hunt {{ailment|Clouded Hunt|enhanced}} Clouded Hunt (enhanced effect).png Clouded Hunt {{ailment|Clouded Hunt|none}} Clouded Hunt
{{ailment|Clouded War}} Clouded War (effect).png Clouded War {{ailment|Clouded War|regular}} Clouded War (effect).png Clouded War {{ailment|Clouded War|enhanced}} Clouded War (enhanced effect).png Clouded War {{ailment|Clouded War|none}} Clouded War
{{ailment|Critical Resist Down}} Critical Resist Down (effect).png Critical Resist Down {{ailment|Critical Resist Down|regular}} Critical Resist Down (effect).png Critical Resist Down {{ailment|Critical Resist Down|enhanced}} Critical Resist Down (enhanced effect).png Critical Resist Down {{ailment|Critical Resist Down|none}} Critical Resist Down
{{ailment|Critical Resist Down II}} Critical Resist Down II (effect).png Critical Resist Down II {{ailment|Critical Resist Down II|regular}} Critical Resist Down II (effect).png Critical Resist Down II {{ailment|Critical Resist Down II|enhanced}} Critical Resist Down II (enhanced effect).png Critical Resist Down II {{ailment|Critical Resist Down II|none}} Critical Resist Down II
{{ailment|Curse}} Curse (effect).png Curse {{ailment|Curse|regular}} Curse (effect).png Curse {{ailment|Curse|enhanced}} Curse (enhanced effect).png Curse {{ailment|Curse|none}} Curse
{{ailment|Curse II}} Curse II (effect).png Curse II {{ailment|Curse II|regular}} Curse II (effect).png Curse II {{ailment|Curse II|enhanced}} Curse II (enhanced effect).png Curse II {{ailment|Curse II|none}} Curse II
{{ailment|Dark Lockout}} Dark Lockout (effect).png Dark Lockout {{ailment|Dark Lockout|regular}} Dark Lockout (effect).png Dark Lockout {{ailment|Dark Lockout|enhanced}} Dark Lockout (enhanced effect).png Dark Lockout {{ailment|Dark Lockout|none}} Dark Lockout
{{ailment|Death's Curse}} Death's Curse (effect).png Death's Curse {{ailment|Death's Curse|regular}} Death's Curse (effect).png Death's Curse {{ailment|Death's Curse|enhanced}} Death's Curse (enhanced effect).png Death's Curse {{ailment|Death's Curse|none}} Death's Curse
{{ailment|Debarrier}} Debarrier (effect).png Debarrier {{ailment|Debarrier|regular}} Debarrier (effect).png Debarrier {{ailment|Debarrier|enhanced}} Debarrier (enhanced effect).png Debarrier {{ailment|Debarrier|none}} Debarrier
{{ailment|Debarrier II}} Debarrier II (effect).png Debarrier II {{ailment|Debarrier II|regular}} Debarrier II (effect).png Debarrier II {{ailment|Debarrier II|enhanced}} Debarrier II (enhanced effect).png Debarrier II {{ailment|Debarrier II|none}} Debarrier II
{{ailment|Debilitate}} Debilitate (effect).png Debilitate {{ailment|Debilitate|regular}} Debilitate (effect).png Debilitate {{ailment|Debilitate|enhanced}} Debilitate (enhanced effect).png Debilitate {{ailment|Debilitate|none}} Debilitate
{{ailment|Debrave}} Debrave (effect).png Debrave {{ailment|Debrave|regular}} Debrave (effect).png Debrave {{ailment|Debrave|enhanced}} Debrave (enhanced effect).png Debrave {{ailment|Debrave|none}} Debrave
{{ailment|Debrave II}} Debrave II (effect).png Debrave II {{ailment|Debrave II|regular}} Debrave II (effect).png Debrave II {{ailment|Debrave II|enhanced}} Debrave II (enhanced effect).png Debrave II {{ailment|Debrave II|none}} Debrave II
{{ailment|Earth Lockout}} Earth Lockout (effect).png Earth Lockout {{ailment|Earth Lockout|regular}} Earth Lockout (effect).png Earth Lockout {{ailment|Earth Lockout|enhanced}} Earth Lockout (enhanced effect).png Earth Lockout {{ailment|Earth Lockout|none}} Earth Lockout
{{ailment|Edict of Earth}} Edict of Earth (effect).png Edict of Earth {{ailment|Edict of Earth|regular}} Edict of Earth (effect).png Edict of Earth {{ailment|Edict of Earth|enhanced}} Edict of Earth (enhanced effect).png Edict of Earth {{ailment|Edict of Earth|none}} Edict of Earth
{{ailment|Edict of Fire}} Edict of Fire (effect).png Edict of Fire {{ailment|Edict of Fire|regular}} Edict of Fire (effect).png Edict of Fire {{ailment|Edict of Fire|enhanced}} Edict of Fire (enhanced effect).png Edict of Fire {{ailment|Edict of Fire|none}} Edict of Fire
{{ailment|Edict of Light}} Edict of Light (effect).png Edict of Light {{ailment|Edict of Light|regular}} Edict of Light (effect).png Edict of Light {{ailment|Edict of Light|enhanced}} Edict of Light (enhanced effect).png Edict of Light {{ailment|Edict of Light|none}} Edict of Light
{{ailment|Fatigue}} Fatigue (effect).png Fatigue {{ailment|Fatigue|regular}} Fatigue (effect).png Fatigue {{ailment|Fatigue|enhanced}} Fatigue (enhanced effect).png Fatigue {{ailment|Fatigue|none}} Fatigue
{{ailment|Fire Lockout}} Fire Lockout (effect).png Fire Lockout {{ailment|Fire Lockout|regular}} Fire Lockout (effect).png Fire Lockout {{ailment|Fire Lockout|enhanced}} Fire Lockout (enhanced effect).png Fire Lockout {{ailment|Fire Lockout|none}} Fire Lockout
{{ailment|Foam}} Foam (effect).png Foam {{ailment|Foam|regular}} Foam (effect).png Foam {{ailment|Foam|enhanced}} Foam (enhanced effect).png Foam {{ailment|Foam|none}} Foam
{{ailment|Genesis}} Genesis (effect).png Genesis {{ailment|Genesis|regular}} Genesis (effect).png Genesis {{ailment|Genesis|enhanced}} Genesis (enhanced effect).png Genesis {{ailment|Genesis|none}} Genesis
{{ailment|Hex}} Hex (effect).png Hex {{ailment|Hex|regular}} Hex (effect).png Hex {{ailment|Hex|enhanced}} Hex (enhanced effect).png Hex {{ailment|Hex|none}} Hex
{{ailment|HP Sap}} HP Sap (effect).png HP Sap {{ailment|HP Sap|regular}} HP Sap (effect).png HP Sap {{ailment|HP Sap|enhanced}} HP Sap (enhanced effect).png HP Sap {{ailment|HP Sap|none}} HP Sap
{{ailment|Laser Damage}} Laser Damage (effect).png Laser Damage {{ailment|Laser Damage|regular}} Laser Damage (effect).png Laser Damage {{ailment|Laser Damage|enhanced}} Laser Damage (enhanced effect).png Laser Damage {{ailment|Laser Damage|none}} Laser Damage
{{ailment|Light Lockout}} Light Lockout (effect).png Light Lockout {{ailment|Light Lockout|regular}} Light Lockout (effect).png Light Lockout {{ailment|Light Lockout|enhanced}} Light Lockout (enhanced effect).png Light Lockout {{ailment|Light Lockout|none}} Light Lockout
{{ailment|Melon Seed}} Melon Seed (effect).png Melon Seed {{ailment|Melon Seed|regular}} Melon Seed (effect).png Melon Seed {{ailment|Melon Seed|enhanced}} Melon Seed (enhanced effect).png Melon Seed {{ailment|Melon Seed|none}} Melon Seed
{{ailment|Nightmare}} Nightmare (effect).png Nightmare {{ailment|Nightmare|regular}} Nightmare (effect).png Nightmare {{ailment|Nightmare|enhanced}} Nightmare (enhanced effect).png Nightmare {{ailment|Nightmare|none}} Nightmare
{{ailment|Nullify Recovery}} Nullify Recovery (effect).png Nullify Recovery {{ailment|Nullify Recovery|regular}} Nullify Recovery (effect).png Nullify Recovery {{ailment|Nullify Recovery|enhanced}} Nullify Recovery (enhanced effect).png Nullify Recovery {{ailment|Nullify Recovery|none}} Nullify Recovery
{{ailment|Oil}} Oil (effect).png Oil {{ailment|Oil|regular}} Oil (effect).png Oil {{ailment|Oil|enhanced}} Oil (enhanced effect).png Oil {{ailment|Oil|none}} Oil
{{ailment|Rampage}} Rampage (effect).png Rampage {{ailment|Rampage|regular}} Rampage (effect).png Rampage {{ailment|Rampage|enhanced}} Rampage (enhanced effect).png Rampage {{ailment|Rampage|none}} Rampage
{{ailment|Self-Disintegration}} File:Self-Disintegration (effect).png Self-Disintegration {{ailment|Self-Disintegration|regular}} File:Self-Disintegration (effect).png Self-Disintegration {{ailment|Self-Disintegration|enhanced}} Self-Disintegration (enhanced effect).png Self-Disintegration {{ailment|Self-Disintegration|none}} Self-Disintegration
{{ailment|Sleep}} Sleep (effect).png Sleep {{ailment|Sleep|regular}} Sleep (effect).png Sleep {{ailment|Sleep|enhanced}} Sleep (enhanced effect).png Sleep {{ailment|Sleep|none}} Sleep
{{ailment|Slow}} Slow (effect).png Slow {{ailment|Slow|regular}} Slow (effect).png Slow {{ailment|Slow|enhanced}} Slow (enhanced effect).png Slow {{ailment|Slow|none}} Slow
{{ailment|Slump}} Slump (effect).png Slump {{ailment|Slump|regular}} Slump (effect).png Slump {{ailment|Slump|enhanced}} Slump (enhanced effect).png Slump {{ailment|Slump|none}} Slump
{{ailment|Stun}} Stun (effect).png Stun {{ailment|Stun|regular}} Stun (effect).png Stun {{ailment|Stun|enhanced}} Stun (enhanced effect).png Stun {{ailment|Stun|none}} Stun
{{ailment|Taunt}} Taunt (effect).png Taunt {{ailment|Taunt|regular}} Taunt (effect).png Taunt {{ailment|Taunt|enhanced}} Taunt (enhanced effect).png Taunt {{ailment|Taunt|none}} Taunt
{{ailment|Ultimate Gauge Locked}} Ultimate Gauge Locked (effect).png Ultimate Gauge Locked {{ailment|Ultimate Gauge Locked|regular}} Ultimate Gauge Locked (effect).png Ultimate Gauge Locked {{ailment|Ultimate Gauge Locked|enhanced}} Ultimate Gauge Locked (enhanced effect).png Ultimate Gauge Locked {{ailment|Ultimate Gauge Locked|none}} Ultimate Gauge Locked
{{ailment|Unguard}} Unguard (effect).png Unguard {{ailment|Unguard|regular}} Unguard (effect).png Unguard {{ailment|Unguard|enhanced}} Unguard (enhanced effect).png Unguard {{ailment|Unguard|none}} Unguard
{{ailment|Water Lockout}} Water Lockout (effect).png Water Lockout {{ailment|Water Lockout|regular}} Water Lockout (effect).png Water Lockout {{ailment|Water Lockout|enhanced}} Water Lockout (enhanced effect).png Water Lockout {{ailment|Water Lockout|none}} Water Lockout
{{ailment|Weaken}} Weaken (effect).png Weaken {{ailment|Weaken|regular}} Weaken (effect).png Weaken {{ailment|Weaken|enhanced}} Weaken (enhanced effect).png Weaken {{ailment|Weaken|none}} Weaken
{{ailment|Weaken II}} Weaken II (effect).png Weaken II {{ailment|Weaken II|regular}} Weaken II (effect).png Weaken II {{ailment|Weaken II|enhanced}} Weaken II (enhanced effect).png Weaken II {{ailment|Weaken II|none}} Weaken II
{{ailment|Wind Lockout}} Wind Lockout (effect).png Wind Lockout {{ailment|Wind Lockout|regular}} Wind Lockout (effect).png Wind Lockout {{ailment|Wind Lockout|enhanced}} Wind Lockout (enhanced effect).png Wind Lockout {{ailment|Wind Lockout|none}} Wind Lockout

Instant ailments

These ailments work instantly, and therefore they do not have an icon

code result code result
{{ailment|Ultimate Drain}} File:Ultimate Drain (effect).png Ultimate Drain {{ailment|Ultimate Drain|none}} Ultimate Drain

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