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This template displays the component icon and link.


{{component|component name|s=}}
unnamed parameter 1
  • Size of the icon. Defaults to 18px.

List of components

Component name Result
ifrit components Ifrit Components
ifrit claw Ifrit Claw
ifrit armor Ifrit Armor
ifrit quartz Ifrit Quartz
ifrit's temerity Ifrit's Temerity
ifrit's soul Ifrit's Soul
belias components Belias Components
belias claw Belias Claw
belias armor Belias Armor
belias quartz Belias Quartz
belias's cinders Belias's Cinders
belias's soul Belias's Soul
belias's treasure Belias's Treasure
brynhildr components Brynhildr Components
brynhildr quartz Brynhildr Quartz
brynhildr's blaze Brynhildr's Blaze
brynhildr's soul Brynhildr's Soul
shiva components Shiva Components
shiva claw Shiva Claw
shiva armor Shiva Armor
shiva quartz Shiva Quartz
shiva's kiss Shiva's Kiss
shiva's soul Shiva's Soul
famfrit components Famfrit Components
famfrit claw Famfrit Claw
famfrit armor Famfrit Armor
famfrit quartz Famfrit Quartz
famfrit's jug Famfrit's Jug
famfrit's soul Famfrit's Soul
famfrit's treasure Famfrit's Treasure
leviathan components Leviathan Components
leviathan quartz Leviathan Quartz
leviathan's scale Leviathan's Scale
leviathan's soul Leviathan's Soul
odin components Odin Components
odin claw Odin Claw
odin armor Odin Armor
odin quartz Odin Quartz
odin's mastery Odin's Mastery
odin's soul Odin's Soul
adrammelech components Adrammelech Components
adrammelech claw Adrammelech Claw
adrammelech armor Adrammelech Armor
adrammelech quartz Adrammelech Quartz
adrammelech's fury Adrammelech's Fury
adrammelech's soul Adrammelech's Soul
adrammelech's treasure Adrammelech's Treasure
chaos components Chaos Components
chaos quartz Chaos Quartz
chaos's eddies Chaos's Eddies
chaos's soul Chaos's Soul
hashmal components Hashmal Components
hashmal claw Hashmal Claw
hashmal armor Hashmal Armor
hashmal quartz Hashmal Quartz
hashmal's rule Hashmal's Rule
hashmal's soul Hashmal's Soul
hecatoncheir components Hecatoncheir Components
hecatoncheir claw Hecatoncheir Claw
hecatoncheir armor Hecatoncheir Armor
hecatoncheir quartz Hecatoncheir Quartz
hecatoncheir's fist Hecatoncheir's Fist
hecatoncheir's soul Hecatoncheir's Soul
hecatoncheir's treasure Hecatoncheir's Treasure
exodus components Exodus Components
exodus quartz Exodus Quartz
exodus's contempt Exodus's Contempt
exodus's soul Exodus's Soul
yojimbo components Yojimbo Components
yojimbo quartz Yojimbo Quartz
yojimbo's cap Yojimbo's Cap
yojimbo's soul Yojimbo's Soul
ultima components Ultima Components
ultima claw Ultima Claw
ultima armor Ultima Armor
ultima quartz Ultima Quartz
ultima's gaze Ultima's Gaze
ultima's soul Ultima's Soul
alexander components Alexander Components
alexander claw Alexander Claw
alexander armor Alexander Armor
alexander quartz Alexander Quartz
alexander's crown Alexander's Crown
alexander's soul Alexander's Soul
alexander's treasure Alexander's Treasure
valefor components Valefor Components
valefor quartz Valefor Quartz
valefor's halo Valefor's Halo
valefor's soul Valefor's Soul
lightning components Lightning Components
lightning quartz Lightning Quartz
lightning's brilliance Lightning's Brilliance
lightning's soul Lightning's Soul
the ultima weapon components The Ultima Weapon Components
the ultima weapon quartz The Ultima Weapon Quartz
the ultima weapon wing The Ultima Weapon Wing
the heart of sabik The Heart of Sabik
anima components Anima Components
anima claw Anima Claw
anima armor Anima Armor
anima quartz Anima Quartz
anima's tear Anima's Tear
anima's soul Anima's Soul
bahamut components Bahamut Components
bahamut claw Bahamut Claw
bahamut armor Bahamut Armor
bahamut quartz Bahamut Quartz
bahamut's calamity Bahamut's Calamity
bahamut's soul Bahamut's Soul
bahamut's treasure Bahamut's Treasure
zalera components Zalera Components
zalera quartz Zalera Quartz
zalera's bloodlet Zalera's Bloodlet
zalera's soul Zalera's Soul
tyro components Tyro Components
tyro's quill Tyro's Quill
tyro's pencil Tyro's Pencil
tyro's notebook Tyro's Notebook
tyro quartz Tyro Quartz
tyro's lunch box Tyro's Lunch Box
sephiroth components Sephiroth Components
sephiroth's feather Sephiroth's Feather
sephiroth' wing Sephiroth's Wing
jenova cell Jenova Cell
melon fragment Melon Fragment
earth melon Earth Melon
fire melon Fire Melon
light melon Light Melon
water melon Water Melon
wind melon Wind Melon
valor dark Crystal of Valor: Dark
valor light Crystal of Valor: Light
valor water Crystal of Valor: Water
squall components Squall Components
squall quartz Squall Quartz
ultimecia components Ultimecia Components
ultimecia quartz Ultimecia Quartz
cloud components Cloud Components
cloud quartz Cloud Quartz
extreme ifrit components Extreme Ifrit Components
extreme ifrit quartz Extreme Ifrit Quartz
extreme ifrit's temerity Extreme Ifrit's Temerity
extreme shiva components Extreme Shiva Components
extreme shiva quartz Extreme Shiva Quartz
extreme shiva's kiss Extreme Shiva's Kiss
extreme odin components Extreme Odin Components
extreme odin quartz Extreme Odin Quartz
extreme odin's mastery Extreme Odin's Mastery
extreme hashmal components Extreme Hashmal Components
extreme hashmal quartz Extreme Hashmal Quartz
extreme hashmal's rule Extreme Hashmal's Rule
extreme ultima components Extreme Ultima Components
extreme ultima quartz Extreme Ultima Quartz
extreme ultima's gaze Extreme Ultima's Gaze
extreme anima components Extreme Anima Components
extreme anima quartz Extreme Anima Quartz
extreme anima's tear Extreme Anima's Tear
extreme belias components Extreme Belias Components
extreme belias quartz Extreme Belias Quartz
extreme belias's cinders Extreme Belias's Cinders
extreme famfrit components Extreme Famfrit Components
extreme famfrit quartz Extreme Famfrit Quartz
extreme famfrit's jug Extreme Famfrit's Jug
extreme adrammelech components Extreme Adrammelech Components
extreme adrammelech quartz Extreme Adrammelech Quartz
extreme adrammelech's fury Extreme Adrammelech's Fury
extreme hecatoncheir components Extreme Hecatoncheir Components
extreme hecatoncheir quartz Extreme Hecatoncheir Quartz
extreme hecatoncheir's fist Extreme Hecatoncheir's Fist
extreme alexander components Extreme Alexander Components
extreme alexander quartz Extreme Alexander Quartz
extreme alexander's crown Extreme Alexander Quartz
extreme bahamut components Extreme Bahamut Components
extreme bahamut quartz Extreme Bahamut Quartz
extreme bahamut's calamity Extreme Bahamut's Calamity
zenos components Zenos Components
zenos quartz Zenos Quartz
zenos's helm Zenos's Helm
zenos's blades Zenos's Blades