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This template is an easy way to display Material Cards with an icon, name, link and rarity. Works with materials with different rarities, such as Jewel, Fractal, Cactuar and Gigantuar cards.



1 = Name of material (specify the rarity if there are multiple rarities). Alternatively, specify the card number.


To display the Link to Adaman Shell: Icon Adaman Shell.png Adaman Shell★2

{{MaterialLink|Adaman Shell}}

All examples

Card number Card name Result
24 Adaman Shell Icon Adaman Shell.png Adaman Shell★2
347 Beast Horn Icon Beast Horn.png Beast Horn★3
169 Blighted Feelers Icon Blighted Feelers.png Blighted Feelers★2
165 Burning Stinger Icon Burning Stinger.png Burning Stinger★2
2153 Chaos Gene Icon Chaos Gene.png Chaos Gene★3
26 Cursed Feather Icon Cursed Feather.png Cursed Feather★3
809 Dark Fragment Icon Dark Fragment.png Dark Fragment★2
820 Dark Gem Icon Dark Gem.png Dark Gem★3
822 Dark Pneuma Icon Dark Pneuma.png Dark Pneuma★4
798 Dark Shard Icon Dark Shard.png Dark Shard★2
163 Emet Stone Icon Emet Stone.png Emet Stone★2
1455 EXP Feather Icon EXP Feather.png EXP Feather★4
39 Extranger Icon Extranger.png Extranger★4
20 Fiery Gem Icon Fiery Gem.png Fiery Gem★2
1076 Giga-Moggy Icon Giga-Moggy.png Giga-Moggy★5
1075 Gigamoogle Icon Gigamoogle.png Gigamoogle★3
40 Growstar Icon Growstar.png Growstar★4
808 Light Fragment Icon Light Fragment.png Light Fragment★2
819 Light Gem Icon Light Gem.png Light Gem★3
821 Light Pneuma Icon Light Pneuma.png Light Pneuma★4
795 Light Shard Icon Light Shard.png Light Shard★2
1360 Mandragora Seed Icon Mandragora Seed.png Mandragora Seed★3
41 Mog Amulet Icon Mog Amulet.png Mog Amulet★4
171 Molten Core Icon Molten Core.png Molten Core★3
176 Mysterious Antenna Icon Mysterious Antenna.png Mysterious Antenna★2
2429 Pyrefly: FFX Icon Pyrefly FFX.png Pyrefly: FFX★4
1454 Seed Feather Icon Seed Feather.png Seed Feather★4
167 Serrated Scythe Icon Serrated Scythe.png Serrated Scythe★2
777 Shadowpuff Icon Shadowpuff.png Shadowpuff★3
349 Shadowy Wing Icon Shadowy Wing.png Shadowy Wing★3
485 Smelly Spines Icon Smelly Spines.png Smelly Spines★3
1075 Teramoogle Icon Teramoogle.png Teramoogle★4
1072 Terra Fragment Icon Terra Fragment.png Terra Fragment★3
1073 Terra Fragment Λ
Terra Fragment ^
Icon Terra Fragment Λ.png Terra Fragment Λ★4
178 Unliving Soul Icon Unliving Soul.png Unliving Soul★3
22 Verdant Claw Icon Verdant Claw.png Verdant Claw★2
515 Wildbloom Icon Wildbloom.png Wildbloom★3
TBA Icon TBA.png TBA★0

Handling different rarities:

Card number Card name Result
570 Red Jewel 3 Red Jewel3 Icon.png Red Jewel★3
575 Red Jewel 4 Red Jewel4 Icon.png Red Jewel★4
1136 Red Jewel 5 Red Jewel5 Icon.png Red Jewel★5
571 Blue Jewel 3 Blue Jewel3 Icon.png Blue Jewel★3
576 Blue Jewel 4 Blue Jewel4 Icon.png Blue Jewel★4
1137 Blue Jewel 5 Blue Jewel5 Icon.png Blue Jewel★5
572 Green Jewel 3 Green Jewel3 Icon.png Green Jewel★3
577 Green Jewel 4 Green Jewel4 Icon.png Green Jewel★4
1138 Green Jewel 5 Green Jewel5 Icon.png Green Jewel★5
573 Yellow Jewel 3 Yellow Jewel3 Icon.png Yellow Jewel★3
578 Yellow Jewel 4 Yellow Jewel4 Icon.png Yellow Jewel★4
1139 Yellow Jewel 5 Yellow Jewel5 Icon.png Yellow Jewel★5
1024 White Jewel 3 White Jewel3 Icon.png White Jewel★3
1026 White Jewel 4 White Jewel4 Icon.png White Jewel★4
1140 White Jewel 5 White Jewel5 Icon.png White Jewel★5
1025 Black Jewel 3 Black Jewel3 Icon.png Black Jewel★3
1027 Black Jewel 4 Black Jewel4 Icon.png Black Jewel★4
1141 Black Jewel 5 Black Jewel5 Icon.png Black Jewel★5
574 Prismatic Jewel 3 Prismatic Jewel3 Icon.png Prismatic Jewel★3
1135 Prismatic Jewel 4 Prismatic Jewel4 Icon.png Prismatic Jewel★4
1142 Prismatic Jewel 5 Prismatic Jewel5 Icon.png Prismatic Jewel★5
597 Fire Fractal 3 Icon Fire Fractal 3.png Fire Fractal★3
601 Fire Fractal 4 Icon Fire Fractal 4.png Fire Fractal★4
1848 Fire Fractal 5 Icon Fire Fractal 5.png Fire Fractal★5
598 Water Fractal 3 Icon Water Fractal 3.png Water Fractal★3
602 Water Fractal 4 Icon Water Fractal 4.png Water Fractal★4
1849 Water Fractal 5 Icon Water Fractal 5.png Water Fractal★5
599 Wind Fractal 3 Icon Wind Fractal 3.png Wind Fractal★3
603 Wind Fractal 4 Icon Wind Fractal 4.png Wind Fractal★4
1850 Wind Fractal 5 Icon Wind Fractal 5.png Wind Fractal★5
600 Earth Fractal 3 Icon Earth Fractal 3.png Earth Fractal★3
604 Earth Fractal 4 Icon Earth Fractal 4.png Earth Fractal★4
1851 Earth Fractal 5 Icon Earth Fractal 5.png Earth Fractal★5
823 Light Fractal 3 Icon Light Fractal 3.png Light Fractal★3
825 Light Fractal 4 Icon Light Fractal 4.png Light Fractal★4
1852 Light Fractal 5 Icon Light Fractal 5.png Light Fractal★5
824 Dark Fractal 3 Icon Dark Fractal 3.png Dark Fractal★3
826 Dark Fractal 4 Icon Dark Fractal 4.png Dark Fractal★4
1853 Dark Fractal 5 Icon Dark Fractal 5.png Dark Fractal★5
30 Cactuar 2 Cactuar2 Icon.png Cactuar★2
31 Cactuar 3 Cactuar3 Icon.png Cactuar★3
32 Cactuar 4 Cactuar4 Icon.png Cactuar★4
33 Metal Cactuar 2 MetalCactuar2 Icon.png Metal Cactuar★2
34 Metal Cactuar 3 MetalCactuar3 Icon.png Metal Cactuar★3
35 Metal Cactuar 4 MetalCactuar4 Icon.png Metal Cactuar★4
36 Gold Cactuar 2 GoldCactuar2 Icon.png Gold Cactuar★2
37 Gold Cactuar 3 GoldCactuar3 Icon.png Gold Cactuar★3
38 Gold Cactuar 4 GoldCactuar4 Icon.png Gold Cactuar★4
351 Gigantuar 2 Gigantuar2 Icon.png Gigantuar★2
352 Gigantuar 3 Gigantuar3 Icon.png Gigantuar★3
353 Gigantuar 4 Gigantuar4 Icon.png Gigantuar★4
354 Metal Gigantuar 2 MetalGigantuar2 Icon.png Metal Gigantuar★2
355 Metal Gigantuar 3 MetalGigantuar3 Icon.png Metal Gigantuar★3
356 Metal Gigantuar 4 MetalGigantuar4 Icon.png Metal Gigantuar★4
357 Gold Gigantuar 2 GoldGigantuar2 Icon.png Gold Gigantuar★2
358 Gold Gigantuar 3 GoldGigantuar3 Icon.png Gold Gigantuar★3
359 Gold Gigantuar 4 GoldGigantuar4 Icon.png Gold Gigantuar★4
-- Skill Coin 1 Icon Skill Coin ★1.png Skill Coin★1
-- Skill Coin 2 Icon Skill Coin ★2.png Skill Coin★2
-- Skill Coin 3 Icon Skill Coin ★3.png Skill Coin★3