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This template displays the skill panel for a job.


It contains 16 cells with 2 parameters each.

  • #n – The name of the panel. This is the top text, and middle text if there is any. (e.g. Clutch Wall, Bard New Job).
  • #s – The seeds or crystals required to unlock the pane, input as follows:
    • element x number with or without spaces (wind x 1000, windx 1000, wind x1000 or wind x 1000 display the same thing)
    • if there's several seed types, just use a comma with or without spaces (e.g. wind x1000, earth x500)
    • if the panel does not have any cost, then input n/a. This is to differentiate from a panel that is missing the seed cost.


The panel shows up as grey!
Because the background color relies on matching the name input with patterns, a grey panel means one of the following:
  1. the input to the name parameter contains some error. This includes spelling errors, incorrect value types (e.g. HP is an "integer", while Magic is a "percent").
  2. the Module:SkillPanel is missing the data. This can be remedied by adding the valid pattern to one of the three color tables (i.e. browns, greens, or blues).


|1n=  |1s= 
|2n=  |2s= 
|3n=  |3s= 
|4n=  |4s= 
|5n=  |5s= 
|6n=  |6s= 
|7n=  |7s= 
|8n=  |8s= 
|9n=  |9s= 
|10n=  |10s= 
|11n=  |11s= 
|12n=  |12s= 
|13n=  |13s= 
|14n=  |14s= 
|15n=  |15s= 
|16n=  |16s= 


Example for the first panel of Hunter.

|1n= Ranger<br>New Job |1s=n/a
|2n= Attack +3 |2s= wind x10
|3n= HP +50 |3s= earth x5
|4n= Resist Wind +5% |4s= wind x50
|5n= Break Power +2 |5s= wind x10
|6n= Element Starter +1 |6s= earth x100
|7n= Enhance Wind +5% |7s= wind x50
|8n= Break Power +2 |8s= wind x25
|9n= Magic +5% |9s= wind x10
|10n= Element Starter +1 |10s= wind x100
|11n= Avert Stun +20% |11s= earth x40
|12n= HP +100 |12s= wind x40
|13n= Enhance Ultimate Lv. Up |13s= wind x200
|14n= Magic +10% |14s= earth x20
|15n= Attack +6 |15s= wind x50
|16n= Gladius<br>New Weapon |16s= crystal x1
green Ranger New Job
brown Attack +3 wind×10
brown HP +50 earth×5
blue Resist Wind +5% wind×50
brown Break Power +2 wind×10
blue Element Starter +1 earth×100
blue Enhance Wind +5% wind×50
brown Break Power +2 wind×25
brown Magic +5% wind×10
blue Element Starter +1 wind×100
blue Avert Stun +20% earth×40
brown HP +100 wind×40
green Enhance Ultimate Lv. Up wind×200
brown Magic +10% earth×20
brown Attack +6 wind×50
green Gladius New Weapon crystal×1

wind×545 earth×165 crystal×1