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I wanted to allow the auto-formatting of descriptions such that inputting "Life Draw+101" would return "Greatly increases [...]" and "Life Draw+100" would return "Increases [...]". While we could stick all this into some Lua data page, I thought that having the individual AA pages declare and store this data would be a better way.

This requires an additional threshold-description table, such that query of "select description where min <= X <= max" can be done to fetch the correct description.

Since AA such as Fire Draw only change the initial part, can store just the modified part and run it through format:

-- Magnitude is one of: "Slightly increases", "Moderately increases", "Increases", "Greatly increases".
local magnitude = cargo.query( ... )
local description = magnitude and string.format("%s chance to draw fire orbs.", magnitude) or ""

Otherwise, we can store the whole string as is so that we don't have to do any formatting.

local description = cargo.query( ... )

Another option, store all this in Lua like we currently do. Editors would have to maintain a single data page, which may have performance issues each time it's updated.

local data = {
    life_draw = {
        "Slightly increases [...]",
        "Moderately increases [...]",
        "Increases [...]",
        "Greatly increases [...]",

local description = data['life_draw']

--BryghtShadow (talk) 18:35, 3 January 2019 (UTC)