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An ancient prophecy passed on from generation to generation in Palamecia.

It foretells the arrival of a young man who, after facing many trials and tragedies, becomes the Warrior of Light, the hero who will save Palamecia and restore hope.
There are many passages in the prophecy, some more cryptic than others, and not one person knows them all.

~ In-game description

The Prophecy is a driving part of the lore in Mobius Final Fantasy, alongside the Laws of Palamecia. It explains the arrival of a Warrior of Light to defeat Chaos. Parts of the Prophecy are explained throughout the story, along with various Laws of Palamecia.

Chapter 1: Blank Slate[]

  • Mog takes an immediate liking to Wol when the new warrior rescues him from a pack of fiends. Not only does Mog assume that Wol is the right person described in the Prophecy, but also compels Wol to do the things the Prophecy describes. One such action is to guide Wol to the Runic Temple, to get in contact with Princess Sarah.
  • "For he shall walk with a Moogle not behind him, but at his side." Sarah notes that Wol's new friendship with Mog is a very promising sign of the Prophecy in action.

Chapter 2: Hope and Prophecy[]

  • The Prophecy states that the true Warrior of Light will win the tournament without ever being touched. Many Blanks with the same name as Wol have tried, and failed. All the more fun, then, when Wol wins the tournament by default!
  • Mog's death at the end of the Chapter is also spelled out.

Chapter 3: Chaos and the Crown[]

  • In Chaos and the Crown, Part 1, the Prophecy notes the great battle with Chaos, and that Sarah is supposed to watch as the Blanks sacrifice themselves in battle.

Lightning Resurrection[]

  • Lightning Resurrection, Part I brings a new twist, as the Prophecy describes the appearance of Lightning in Palamecia, calling her "A god of death, leading men's souls into chaos... or a flash of brilliance standing against gods who would rule mankind." It further states that the Warrior of Light would "unleash the Lightning", but gives no explanation of what that means.

Dream Within a Dream[]

  • "And so the Warrior of Light will vanquish the dread Gigaflan!" Wol learns of this prophecy while helping the visiting souls Tidus and Yuna on their own quest to become the Warrior of Light, in Dream Within a Dream, Part 3. But Palamecia does not accept them into the System, preventing them from even damaging the Gigaflan. Wol is forced to step in and vanquish it.