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Seraph's Blessing.jpg
Face the Seraph Ultima!

Cross blades beneath the thirteen signs of the zodiac!
And in the Phantasmic Coil, the Judge Magister awaits!

~ In-game description

The Seraph's Blessing is a Ranked "battle tower" event available in July 2017, as part of the Collaboration Event with Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. It features solo battles against the Seraph Ultima and the Judge Magister.

Event Details[]

  • Event duration: July 21, 2017 – Jul 30, 2017
  • Event type: progressive Tower Battle

How to Participate[]

  • Select "The Seraph's Blessing" from the world map
  • This event is only accessible after a player clears the Runic Temple in Chapter 1


Echo has a special treat for Wol, while they're up in the floating islands. She's teamed up with Meia to offer Wol a real challenge! Meia summons the Sicarius Ultima, and the battle is joined! Wol is wary of the idea that these two are working together. After some persuasion Echo admits that it was a chance to really see Wol struggle against a difficult foe.

After Wol beats down Ultima for the full cycle of the zodiac, Meia offers offers her congratulations and wishes Wol good fortune against all foes. The embattled blank questions this, since this seems to be exactly what Vox wants, but Meia expresses her confidence that he can prove to Vox he is the Warrior of Light, while still remaining his own man -- something that could very well upset the entire world order. Echo agrees that such a thing would be fun to see.

Event Map[]

Seraph's Blessing map.jpeg

Fight in the name of Ultima, the High Seraph. Devote each victory to her, and pray to be granted her blessing.
~ World Map description

The player progresses through the first 13 "Rising" levels in a linear fashion. Levels cannot be revisited. Each level features increasingly powerful foes, including a large number of Mandragoras from the Light of the Skies event. Every level in these first 13 features Ultima, the High Seraph as the final foe.

After completing the initial 13 areas, the player enters the "Phantasmic Coil" areas. This is a set of 5 areas that repeat in an infinite loop, also with an increasing difficulty with each area finished. The 5th area of the loop (?) also features the Judge Magister as an added foe.

There are 19 areas and 14 treasure chests. Since the last treasure chest (in the Phantasmic Coil) automatically regenerates, the last chest can technically never be completed.

Ultima and the Judge Magister do not drop any cards, but other fiends do.


Area Stamina Battles Treasure
Starting Point - - (starting point)
Aries Rising 3 1 Icon Elixir.png Elixir x2
Taurus Rising 1? Icon Phoenix Down.png Phoenix Down x2
Gemini Rising 2 Icon Crystal.png Crystal x3
Cancer Rising 2? Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x1

Icon Summon Ticket.png Summon Ticket x1

Leo Rising 3 Seed fire.png Fire x5000

Seed water.png Water x5000
Seed wind.png Wind x5000
Seed earth.png Earth x5000

Virgo Rising 3 Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x1

Seed light.png Light x5000
Seed dark.png Dark x5000

Libra Rising 3 Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x3

Icon Crystal.png Crystal x3

Scorpio Rising 3 Seed fire.png Fire x15,000

Seed water.png Water x15,000
Seed wind.png Wind x15,000
Seed earth.png Earth x15,000

Ophiuchus Rising 3 Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x3

Icon Elixir.png Elixir x2

Sagittarius Rising 3 Seed light.png Light x15,000

Seed dark.png Dark x15,000
Icon Crystal.png Crystal x5

Capricorn Rising 3 Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x5

Icon Phoenix Down.png Phoenix Down x2

Aquarius Rising 8 3 Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x6

Icon Crystal.png Crystal x7

Pisces Rising 9 3 Icon Summon Ticket.png Summon Ticket x1

Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x7

Phantasmic Coil 10 3 Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x3

(on completing each loop of 5)

Congratulations, you've conquered the skies of all 13 zodiac signs. The location ahead, the Phantasmic Coil, is an endless area with new rules: no Rental Cards, and no Continues. Completing laps of these areas will yield ability tickets. How far can you go?
~ In-game tips


Final Ranking Rewards
1 – 500
501 – 1000
1001 – 3000
3001 – 10,000



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