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"With the memories of those lost close at heart, I will move forward."

An Ultimate Hero, the manifestation of a hero from another world.
Go to the "Job" menu to choose Monk abilities to manifest in this hero.
You can choose the weapon's abilities from the "Weapon" menu.
~ Info

Tifa Lockhart is a monk-type Ultimate Hero added to the game on December 17th, 2018.


Ultimate ability[]

[MONK]Final Heaven ∞

Single-target and area attack. Sometimes only a good punch is needed to bring the heavens crashing down.

ALv.Ultimate GaugeAttackBreak PowerCrit Chance
11602000%3000%☆☆ (100%)
21552200%3300%☆☆ (100%)
31502400%3600%☆☆ (100%)
41402600%3900%☆☆ (100%)
51352800%4200%☆☆ (100%)
61303400%5100%☆☆ (100%)
71254000%6000%☆☆ (100%)
81104600%6900%☆☆ (100%)
91005200%7800%☆☆ (100%)
10806000%9000%☆☆ (100%)
Added Effects
Adds Monk's Trance II (enhanced effect).pngMonk's Trance II, Boost (enhanced effect).pngBoost, Haste (enhanced effect).pngHaste, Weakness Weapon, Prismatic Shift, and Break Defense Down (enhanced effect).png Break Defense Down. Adds Critical Resist Down (enhanced effect).png Critical Resist Down to all enemies.