Mobius Final Fantasy Wiki

Attacking, Abilities, Breaking, and Driving[]

  • Tap the area above the HP bar to attack an enemy.
    • Regular attacks reduce an enemy's Break Gauge. It's considerably easier to reduce a red Break Gauge than a yellow Break Gauge.
    • Attacking an enemy grants you Element Orbs. Every first hit grants 1 Element Orb, every second hit grants 2 Element Orbs, and every third hit grants 3 Element Orbs.
      • Critical hits grant an extra Element Orb, while regular attacking a Broken enemy always grants 3 Element Orbs regardless of the current Attack Chain.
  • Actions can be executed until your action count falls to 0.
    • Using Abilities, executing Regular Attacks, and using Ultimates all use up an Action.
      • Cards with the Quick Cast Extra Skill unlocked is an exception.
    • The number of actions that you can execute per turn depends on what your Speed stat is, visible in stars in the Deck Editor.
  • Tap Target View to select a different target.
    • Then, tap an enemy to change targets.
  • Reduce an enemy's Break gauge to zero to get past its defenses.
    • You can reduce the durability of an enemy's Break Gauge with Abilities. Abilities with high Break Power reduces the enemies yellow Break gauge quicker. To remove the red Break gauage, you can tap, use your ultimate, or abilities with Taijutsu/Mantra.
  • Using Abilities requires Element Orbs, which are drawn by using regular attacks or Ultimates.
    • The cost of the Ability depends on the rarity of the card (1* all the way to 5*), what type the card is (Single Target, Area of Effect, Damage Focused Area of Effect, Support, etc.), and what element the card is (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Life, etc.).
  • You can influence what Element Orbs you can draw in the future by Driving.
    • Driving an Element Orb type takes away all Orbs you currently have of that type, grants you damage reduction against enemies of that element, and reduces the chances of pulling that type of Orb for the next few regular attacks.
  • Ultimate abilities, also known as Deathblows, require you to charge it first.
    • Ultimate gauges can be charged by using orbs. It can be through Driving or using Abilities.
      • Some Auto-Abilities that some jobs, cards, and weapons have can charge this in different ways, like through regular attacking.

Deck Building[]

  • Go to the Cards menu, then select Decks. From here, you can begin editing decks.
  • Stats
    • Job represents the current job you have selected. This can be changed by unlocking the additional jobs in the Skill Panels and setting it under the Job icon.
    • HP represents your own durability. Should this number fall to zero, you are knocked out and require a Phoenix Down to continue.
    • Attack represents how much damage your regular attacks and Ultimate does.
      • It's important to note that Attack doesn't increases how powerful your Abilities are, except for abilities with Taijutsu/Mantra (which are Monk-exclusive abilities).
    • Break Power represents your regular attack's potency to Break through the Break Gauge.
    • Magic represents how powerful your Abilities are. The more the Magic, the stronger the Abilities (both for damage and clearing yellow Break gauge).
      • Abilities that don't match up with your job type (i.e. Warrior cards on a Ranger type job) do not get the Magic bonus.
    • Crit Chance represents how often you will score Critical Hits.
      • Critical Hits increase that regular attack or Ability's damage by 50%.
    • Speed represents how many Actions you have per turn.
    • Defense represents how much damage you mitigate from an opponent's attack. Each Defense star reduces the damage you take by 5%.
  • Editing Decks
    • Tap on a card or empty card slot in your deck to change out that card.
      • Cards that benefit from your Magic stat have glowing job icons on the bottom right of the card.
      • Cards that use Elements that the current job cannot use will have a warning sign over the card.
    • Tap on the Job icon to change the type of Job to another Job that the currently selected Job Card can use.
      • Some Jobs completely change the playstyles, other Jobs are simply straight upgrades from the previous Jobs.
    • Tap on the Job Card on the left side of the deck editor to change out your Job Card.
    • Tap on the Weapon icon to change your weapon.
      • Different weapons give more bonuses to other stats and may have different Auto-Abilities.


  • Store element orbs with normal attacks, and use them to unleash powerful abilities.
  • Use abilities and normal attacks effectively to Break Enemies.
  • If you don't know how strong a Job Card or an Ability Card is, ask around! People would be glad to help.