Light Icon.png Ultima
Mage Icon.png Mage supreme ability - Area light attack (extreme damage focus, multistrike overkill, convergence). Adds Unguard (nullifies Defense) to main target
Orbs Light Icon.png ×4 Light Icon.png ×4

Ultima is one of the Abilities in Mobius Final Fantasy.

It is granted from certain Summoned Cards.

Ability Details

ALv.AttackBreak PowerCrit ChanceCooldown
112001★★★ (15%)0
213201★★★ (15%)0
314401★★★ (15%)0
415601★★★ (15%)0
516801★★★ (15%)0
620402★★★ (15%)0
724002★★★ (15%)0
827602★★★ (15%)0
931203★★★ (15%)0
1036003★★★ (15%)0

Extra Skills

Icon Ultra-Convergence.png Ultra-Convergence
Icon Break Exploiter.png Break Exploiter
Icon Elemental Return.png Elemental Return
Icon Damage Limit Break.png Damage Limit Break
Icon Critical Weakness.png Critical Weakness
Icon Critical Rupture.png Critical Rupture
Icon Element Tap.png Element Tap

Ability Cards

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