Mobius Final Fantasy Wiki

Chapter Releases[]

Name Type JP Date GL Date Notes
Game Release Release 04-Jun-2015 03-Aug-2016 Initial release of the game
Chapter 1 Story
Chapter 2 Story 01-Jul-2015
Chapter 3 Part I Story 01-Aug-2015 05-Oct-2016
Chapter 3 Part II Story 01-Sep-2015 07-Dec-2016
Chapter 4 Prologue Story 01-Nov-2015 10-Jan-2017
Chapter 4 Part I Story 01-Dec-2015 23-Jan-2017
Chapter 4 Part II Story 01-Jan-2016 02-Mar-2017
Chapter 5 Part I Story 01-Apr-2016 01-Jun-2017
Chapter 5 Part II Story 01-May-2016 02-Jul-2017

Bonus Region Releases[]

Name Type GL Date
Shrine of Trials Bonus 03-Aug-2016
Gigantuar Terrace Bonus 14-Dec-2016
Chaos Vortex Challenge 05-Aug-2016
Silent Ruins Exploration 01-Sept-2016
Pleiades Lagoon Weekly 21-Dec-2016
El Dorado Exploration 13-Oct-2016
Hunter Islands Exploration 08-Nov-2016
Albion Plateau Exploration 02-May-2017

Minor Updates[]

Name Type GL Date
Magicite Expiration Removed Fix 05-Aug-2016
Mobius Gift Box Expansion 09-Aug-2016
Greater Ability Summon Addition 10-Aug-2016
Magicite Packs Modification Fix 18-Aug-2016
Date, Time & Battery Display Addition 01-Sept-2016
Fast Learner Auto Mode Fix & Achievements Fix Fix 07-Sept-2016
Auto-Enhance Card Menu & 2nd Skill Panel Addition 11-Nov-2016
Add 5* Augment, Landscape Mode Addition 07-Dec-2016
Add Weapon Boost, Job Change Addition 10-Jan-2017


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Card Batch Releases[]

See Card Batches

Name Release Date
Ability Batch I

Job Batch I

Ability Batch II

Job Batch II

Ability Batch III

Job Batch III

Ability Batch IV

Job Batch IV

Ability Batch V 24-Nov-2016
Ability Batch VI 07-Dec-2016
Ability Batch VII

Job Batch V

Job Batch VI 02-Mar-2017
Job Batch VII 02-May-2017

After this point, batches were released on a twice-monthly schedule, designated by month.