Hello! Just wanted to contribute a bit for the farming locations of abilities! Up to you to check these and accept the changes though!

With the fourth exploration zone released, I realised that for the light and dark single target and conic abilities can be farmed more easily than the actual zones on the page! not as random as on the chapter 4 swarm maps.

Here is the list and changed the page prior to this message!

Warrior : Light Sword : Snowman Fields Light Blast : Icy Woods Dark Sword : Lonely Road Dark Blast : Piaz Hollows

Mage : Shine : Swain's Beach Shinera : Sacrificial Path Pain : Vida Precipice Painra : Torto Flats

Ranger : LightFang : Tundra Gardens LightWave : Amor Shore DarkFang : Devotee's Way DarkWave : Frostbite Bridge

See ya!

Magicskypanda (talk) 02:11, 9 May 2017 (UTC)