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A disembodied voice that guides the Blanks in Palamecia.

No one has ever seen the owner of this mysterious voice, and only Blanks seem to be able to hear him.

Vox has complete confidence in his own words, fashioning himself as a godlike entity, though sometimes he shows intolerance to those who defy him, branding them "heretics."

~ In-game description

Vox is one of the characters in Mobius Final Fantasy.

Initially, only Vox's voice is heard as he narrates the prologue, however his first "appearance" (as a ring of light in the sky) is in Chapter 1 as Wol awakens in Palamecia for the first time.

While the relationship is unclear, it appears that Vox opposes Chaos in the land of Palamecia.


"The heretic must not enter the castle... Kill him where he stands..."

While initially Vox appears to be a neutral entity, it is revealed that he can have a violent temperament, especially concerning those who do not follow his demands, such as Garland. As a godlike figure, Vox commands the Blanks but does not seem able to directly compel their actions suggesting his control is less than complete.

Vox's motivations are left largely unclear, especially given the relative infrequency of his appearances throughout Chapters 1 and 2.



  • Vox is the name of a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series, with the effect of removing silence from the target when used.
  • Vox Japanese Voice Actor is portrayed by Toshihiko Seki (Warrior of Light in Dissidia FF).
  • Vox's name is derived from Japanese version, which is Voice (ヴォイス).

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