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Wall (effect).png
Damage Absorption
Blocks a set amount of damage.

Wall (also known as Damage Absorption) is a boon that blocks a total amount of damage equal to 25% of the character's maximum HP at the time Wall is applied — any changes to the max HP after the boon is applied will not affect the amount. Therefore, it is beneficial to apply Trance before Wall, and to apply it on a character with higher max HP.

While Wall is up, Sleep will not be disrupted.

Wol's Abilities that cause Wall (boon)[]

Card Name Ability Name Number of Turns

(with Lasting Boon)

Additional effect
Alexander Wall 4 turns
Pure Ice Lesser Wall/ Wall 4 turns
Tyro: FFRK Sentinel's Grimoire 3 turns Barrier (effect).pngBarrier (increases Defense),  Wall (effect).pngWall (absorbs damage), and  Veil (effect).pngVeil (increases resistance to ailments).
Hell's Gate Mighty Guard 4 turns Barrier (effect).pngBarrier (increases Defense), Wall (effect).pngWall (absorbs damage), and Regen (effect).pngRegen (gradually restores HP).
Lunafreya: FFXV Oracle's Blessing 2 turns Snipe (effect).pngSnipe (increases Crit Chance).

Fiend Abilities that cause Wall (boon)[]

Fiend Name Ability Name Range Number of Turns
Tyro (Sicarius) Sentinel's Grimoire Self 3 turns