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Water PuPu
Water PuPu fight.jpg

PuPu Attacks!

Elements [WATER]
Enemy Size Medium
Drops Water PuPu (Card)
A strange creature from outer space.
~ In-Game Description

Water PuPu is one of the event-exclusive Fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy, first appearing in PuPu Attacks. They are rather comical, and generally not much threat.

Unlike most of their appearances in Final Fantasy, these PuPus do not ever ask for Elixirs.


PuPus get one to two actions per turn. An action by one is often repeated by the remaining others, including the What to do... non-action.

Name Effect
Attack normal physical Water damage
Blizzard normal magic Water damage
"Blizzard x2!" double-shot of the same spell
"Blizzard x3!" triple-shot of the same spell
What to do... no action.


Event Appearances[]