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Great news, all Warriors of Light!

A new zone called Yggdrasil: Materials has been discovered <vr> It appears that this zone speeds up your augmentation progress, as well as obtaining skillseed bonuses...?!

~ Announcement text

Yggdrasil: Materials is a new ability enhancement region introduced on December 17, 2018 as a place for newer players to easily upgrade Ability Cards in 3 ways:

This region replaces the now removed exploration regions, notably Albion Plateau Redux, as the place to farm augment materials and skillseeds.

Region details[]

Added in 12/17/2018 Update
  • Select "Yggdrasil: Materials" from the world map -- branched off of the red "Specials" node.
  • You must complete Chapter 1: Blank Slate before this region becomes available.

There are 29 total areas, including 20 Augmentation Materials areas, 6 Extra Skills areas, 2 Cactuar areas, and the opening "Yggdrasil Materials Zone" area. There are no treasure chests. All areas can be teleported to, with the exception of the opening area.

In one corner of the screen you will find the Shortcuts button, which gives you a simple two-click transport to Pandemonium, Bahamut Lagoon, or the Ring of Braves.

Extra skill areas[]

In the center of the region is a set of six areas: one in each element. These areas have a high cost (60 stamina!) but they will net 20x the usual amount of skillseeds and have 6x the normal chance to unlock extra skills. These items stack with similar bonuses from cards, jobs and weapons with Skillseed Up and Improved Extra Skill Unlock auto-abilities, and Mobius Day, so you can easily take this up to 12x Extra Skill Unlock and 40x Skillseeds... or higher!

The enemies that appear here are very weak. In order to maximize skillseeds gained:

  • Equip the main deck with a Skillseed Up enabled job, weapon and cards;
  • Set the Battle Difficulty to Hard in the ETC → Config menu;
  • Aim for a battle score of 10 million points.
Area Cost Battles
[FIRE]Fire Training Area 60 6
[WIND]Wind Training Area 60 6
[DARK]Dark Training Area 60 6
[WATER]Water Training Area 60 6
[EARTH]Earth Training Area 60 6
[LIGHT]Light Training Area 60 6

Cactuar areas[]

As of October 2019, two new areas show up. These have a LONG series of battles against cactuars guaranteed to be their selected element, with a slightly higher chance for Boss gold cactuar.pngGold Gigantuars and Boss crystal cactuar.pngCrystal Gigantuars to show up in each skirmish.

Area Cost Battles
[FIRE][WATER]Fire/water Cactuars 30 30
[WIND][EARTH]Wind/earth Cactuars 30 30

Not all enemies in here are Cactuars, but none of the fiends you meet will pose much challenge. Going into here with a character decked out in high Crystal Seeker boosts looks to be a great way to farm Icon Crystal.png Crystals.

Augmentation materials areas[]

This zone offers areas that drop specific Material Cards. These areas each feature 3 battles exclusively against the fiends that drop the specific selected material. (e.g. the Fiery Gems area only has Red Dragons as foes.) These fiends drop materials ONLY, so no ability cards, but they use their normal drop rates, so you'll gather 0-3 of that material per fight.

In addition, each area in the Materials Zone gives twice the normal skillseeds, and the rated difficulty stays as RED up through Card Lv. 250, so even Materials farming can be useful in building your skillseed stockpiles. The Wildblooms area in particular is one of the best areas in the game for farming skillseeds, Icon Magicite.png Magicite, and Icon Crystal.png Crystals.

Enemies here are middling in difficulty -- they are Sub-bosses and Bosses, after all -- but a player who has completed the main storyline through Act 1 Chapter 3 should have little trouble plowing through them.

Area Upgrade Material Type Element
Smelly Spines Icon Smelly Spines.png Smelly Spines★3 Material Icon.png Material [EARTH] Earth
Emet Stones Icon Emet Stone.png Emet Stone★2 Material Icon.png Material [EARTH] Earth
Burning Stingers Icon Burning Stinger.png Burning Stinger★2 Material Icon.png Material [EARTH] Earth
Unliving Souls Icon Unliving Soul.png Unliving Soul★3 Material Icon.png Material [EARTH] Earth
Molten Cores Icon Molten Core.png Molten Core★3 Material Icon.png Material [FIRE] Fire
Fiery Gems Icon Fiery Gem.png Fiery Gem★2 Material Icon.png Material [FIRE] Fire
Shadowy Wings Icon Shadowy Wing.png Shadowy Wing★3 Material Icon.png Material [FIRE] Fire
Serrated Scythes Icon Serrated Scythe.png Serrated Scythe★2 Material Icon.png Material [WATER] Water
Adaman Shells Icon Adaman Shell.png Adaman Shell★2 Material Icon.png Material [WATER] Water
Beast Horns Icon Beast Horn.png Beast Horn★3 Material Icon.png Material [WATER] Water
Blighted Feelers Icon Blighted Feelers.png Blighted Feelers★2 Material Icon.png Material [WIND] Wind
Cursed Feathers Icon Cursed Feather.png Cursed Feather★3 Material Icon.png Material [WIND] Wind
Verdant Claws Icon Verdant Claw.png Verdant Claw★2 Material Icon.png Material [WIND] Wind
Wildblooms Icon Wildbloom.png Wildbloom★3 Material Icon.png Material [WIND] Wind
Light Fragments Icon Light Fragment.png Light Fragment★2 Material Icon.png Material [LIGHT] Light
Light Shards Icon Light Shard.png Light Shard★2 Material Icon.png Material [LIGHT] Light
Light Gems Icon Light Gem.png Light Gem★3 Material Icon.png Material [LIGHT] Light
Dark Fragments Icon Dark Fragment.png Dark Fragment★2 Material Icon.png Material [DARK] Dark
Dark Shards Icon Dark Shard.png Dark Shard★2 Material Icon.png Material [DARK] Dark
Dark Gems Icon Dark Gem.png Dark Gem★3 Material Icon.png Material [DARK] Dark